A New Year: Make Your Life Count

Happy New Year!

What was 2018 like for you? Remember the highs and lows, the happy and not too good moments, the energized and depressed phases, the laughter, happiness, tearful and sad jiffies. The real deal is that we are still here, alive, hale and hearty. Be thankful, dearest!

2018, just like 2019, came as a blank card. The question now is, what did I write on it and how well have I accomplished what I wrote?” Remember all your resolutions, plans, budgets and the likes, how far were you able to go with them? Do you think there’s a need for improvement this year or would you rather live life the way you did last year? There’s always room for adjustments and improvements.

To start with, can you pinpoint those things you were able to accomplish in 2018? If you had plans, check those that you were able to carry out and give reasons why others were not. Review how you were able to achieve what you achieved, also note the mistakes you made and what you should have possibly done to avert those mistakes.

Did 2018 end on a very good note for you? Then make 2019 one of your best years of being alive. Peradventure 2018 wasn’t too good at your end, 2019 can be much better. The only condition to making it work is your determination to make every moment count.

You can make 2019 count by:

  • Making realistic decisions and plans, not relying on fate or luck
  • Taking solid actions, not procrastinating
  • Trying, rather than watching
  • Leading, not just following
  • Praying, not complaining

Your past mistake doesn’t really matter, neither does age nor social status. You can make sense out of life regardless of all these factors. Like I mentioned earlier, your determination is most paramount. Know that being alive is a privilege, not a mistake. It is an opportunity to make things happen.

Say to yourself “I know have made some mistakes, I know have wasted time and opportunities but from now on, I’m going to make my life count”. You might want to write this where you can easily read through anytime it seems like you are getting discouraged.

Life is worth living only when it’s doing something!

Make your life worth living. Make it count!

Wishing you a 2019 that counts. Cheers!!!

What’s the year going to look like for you? Share in the comments below!
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