What Happens in the End?

So, what happens if you are nobody now? What happens if you fall below expectations? What happens when things rumble and don’t act according to your plan? What happens when you just want to hide your face behind the covers of your sheets because everything you once took for granted are gradually slipping through your fingers?

What happens when the closest people around you begin to slip away gradually? What happens when you feel more ordinary than a dead cock laying flat dead on the floor?
What happens when it is difficult to start all over again? What happens if that new beginning is worse than the one that left you shattered? What happens if all you want to do is run miles without stopping? What happens when the dark becomes your solace for a while that seem to turn to eternity? What happens when inspiration feels like the clouds in the sky?

What happens when you simply forget how to really smile genuinely? What happens when regrets feels like the blanket spread across the sheet we lay on.   What happens if your last wish is just to find true happiness without guilt or lies? What happens if a comeback for everything you have ever lost is not really what your heart wants? What happens when all you just need is to learn to see all the things you have right in front of eyes and you are too disturbed to even notice it?

What happens when all it takes is just to believe in you without bounds or holding back. What happens if you can think about every little thing that has worn you down.

Changes happen. Big changes, most of the time, but we have got to learn to adjust and we do that so we can grow. If you are afraid because you think you are not good enough, then you are, because the average people care less if they are good enough or not, as they are contented with where they are.

Your dream scares you because you are thinker and not just a passerby. Change is inevitable, it is something that must happen that will catapult you to that seat you’ve always desired. Don’t rush, take one step a time. Don’t regret, as they only make you stronger and wiser.

Try one more time even if it is the 99th time. Give yourself one more chance to do something worthwhile. It is not over till you are there.

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