A Poem: The Girl Who Has Evolved

She hides her misery
And lays down quietly in her room
Afraid and weary of her monotonous life
Every inch of her skin burning like a campfire.

Her youth is left behind
And she has evolved to be a person who is
Mature, concise and thoughtful
Because the rocks she has faced at such a
Little age made her like themselves.

She whimpers and cries her soul out
Till the very end of the basket of her tears
Till her eyes feel sullen
And her skin as cold as snow.

Her mind is flooded with countless sorrows
Yet she closes her burning eyes
Penetrates the mind of the God
And asks, “Did it have to be me? Was my life nothing to you?”’

The God gently smiles and replies
“You were worth making a strong person,
And your life had to be the one that people look up to
You are a star who is still gaining he glow and
So, I must provide you with the darkest of nights
For the star to feel it’s existence.”

She sighs and returns to reality
And realizes her worth
That her misery was a fire, a source
And a little way to shine
For she already had a dark night.

Author’s bio

Narayani Joshi, poetry on The Girl Who Has Evolved
Narayani Joshi

This is Narayani Joshi, a 15 year-old teenager. I started writing when I was 11 and I wrote mostly on feminism and the pain behind being a teenager. My poems always revolved around the myriad of emotions adolescence provided with. Hope my poem can make a difference in your life! You can connect with me on Social Media via @the.nariko


One thought on “A Poem: The Girl Who Has Evolved

  1. Hi I’m fifteen years old too I do write stories,poems and Many more. I’ve learned that the reason why God is putting me in this position is for me to learn things and be the person people will look up to.when he has will lift me up. I can’t explain but I’ve learned something thanks.


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