Register for TMO Conversations 6.0 – The Resourceful Teenager

Over the past years, we have gathered teenagers and young adults annually to have a conversation online and we call it the TMO Conversations. This was our very first event after our launch in 2016 and we have constantly kept the pace ever since.

2016 – Harnessing Your Potentials for Excellence
2017 – Young and Broke: How to Manage Your Finances
2018 – An Excellent Driven Teenager
2019 – Career Advancement
2020 – The Financially Intelligent Teenager

This year, 2021, we will be having a conversation around the theme – THE RESOURCEFUL TEENAGER.

We believe that there is so much you can do as a teenager, even with little to no resources and in line with our mission to build teenage boys and girls and set their foundations right, we will be glad to have this conversation.

Unlike previous years, this edition will take a unique turn as we drive conversations inward and have the conversation with some of our experienced members in TMO Army. This is something you’d definitely love to be part of.

Date: 29th – 31st October 2021
Venue: WhatsApp

Click the button below to join the conversation.

If you have any questions or concerns, kindly use the comments section below or email us at


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