10 Things You Should Know About Goal-Setting 

Goal-setting is not only a vital part of success, it makes achieving your dreams an easier thing to do. Goals are what your dreams become when they are transferred from your mind into your notepad, paper, or journal. It is okay to want to be successful – I do not know anyone who wouldn’t like to be, but you should not stop at this. You need to have goals, and you need to set them. This will give you the focus and direction that are required for good success. 

One important thing goal-setting helps you with is that it spurs you to evaluate your progress with time. You know when you achieve a goal and are able to relish the sense of satisfaction that comes with such achievement. The more you forge ahead with some goals, the more motivated you are about nailing others and isn’t this the beauty of goal-setting? It really is. 

Highlighted in this article are 10 things you should know about setting goals you are passionate about.

1. Set Goals You are Passionate About 

It is in your best interest to ensure that the goals you set for yourself are not abstract or mechanical ones. Set goals that warm your heart; that make your heart sing; that get you out of bed every morning. Passion is the energy of success. An intimate connection to your goals will aid your motion in ways nothing else can.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Anybody can set goals, but it takes a smart person to set realistic goals. Attainability is the difference between wishes and goals. One example of an unrealistic goal is a person who is new to reading, planning to read 30 books in one month. We all know that, while this is not totally unachievable, the chances of this person nailing the said goal are significantly slim.  Do not just set goals, set achievable ones.

3. Set Specific Goals 

They are not goals if they are not clearly defined. Goals are central to success, and you cannot afford to be hazy about them. You do not just plan, for example, to become a distinction student and stop at that, hoping fate will tilt A’s your way. No. You map out plans; you could determine to study for three hours every day, watch Youtube videos on topics you do not get, and join a brainstorming group. These are what specific goals look like. 

4. Write Your Goals

Ideas may start in the mind, but never should they remain there. If you want to translate your dreams from goals to reality, then writing them out on a paper or notepad is a great place to start. Writing your goals not only pushes you to get to work, it also keeps you updated on the status of each goal.

5. Treat Yourself When You Achieve a Goal

Take it or leave it, humans are motivated by rewards. If someone does a good job, and gets rewarded, chances are that they will do an even better job next time. 

Learning to take care of yourself when you tick a goal off your list, can set you up to even achieve others. If you plan to complete a bulky book in 15 days, you could make a promise to get a cake for yourself once you do. If you love cakes like I do, you will be amazed at the extent of energy that will well up within you about this goal. 

6. Be Accountable

Goals are easier to achieve when there is an accountability system. It is important that you have specific people in your life with whom you can share your goals. Accountability partners are people who you consistently hold you to a standard about your goals, ask of your progress, and ensure you are kept on your toes. This kind of system can spur you to achieve your goals, given the fact that people are already aware. You will not like to disappoint yourself and them. Will you?

7. Take One Step at a Time

Do not bog yourself down by trying to achieve multiple goals at a time. Basically, goals are supposed to be challenging, and unless yours are mediocre, achieving them should not be a breeze. It should stretch you and should be time-bound. Hence, you cannot afford to rush them. Deal with one goal at a time. Productivity is the result of unrivalled attention. You cannot be here and there at a time, and expect a top-tier result. 

Concentrate on one item, and stop at nothing until you nail it. Then you can move on to another goal.

8. Envisage Yourself Achieving Your Goals

This may come across as one of those motivational cliches around, but hey, if you cannot see yourself achieving your goals in your mind, the reality will definitely elude you. Success is never a shock. Successful people have become successful since the day they pictured themselves achieving their goals in their minds. Visualizing the achievement of your goals is important for a reason; on days when you do not feel the spark – because there will be, the picture can be an handy source of energy. 

If you plan to graduate as the Best Student in your class, for instance, see yourself getting congratulated by the Vice Chancellor on the Convocation Day. On days when you do not feel like studying, this picture will give you a reason to do what you need to do.

9. Create Deadlines 

A goal is a mere wish, without a time frame.  You do not just say you want to finish 5 books, you need to include a deadline. When do you plan to finish them? This is what makes it a goal. This is what makes it aspirational. 

For example, you are a writer planning to become better by writing an article everyday. You could give yourself a timeframe of an hour or two to complete a thousand word article. Even if you end up not completing it after the deadline, you will do better the next time, because you have given your mind a new configuration. Set deadlines for each of your goal.

10. Evaluate Your Progress

To achieve your goals, you need to conduct a timely evaluation of your goals; what has worked and what has not? This gives you a clear picture of your progress, and helps you know where improvements are needed. This evaluation is better done on a timely basis, so you do not relax thinking you are in charge when in fact your bus has been grounded. 

In addition, you need to continuously remind yourself why you are setting the goals. A quote says when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Purpose is key to any journey in life. And the WHY, you see, is more important than the WHAT. The WHY will keep you going when the WHAT seems impossible. 

This is because life is a roller-coaster. On your way to the achievement of your goals, you will encounter ups and downs. It pays to know that the fault is not yours, but how life is constituted. 

But the purpose of your goals will keep you going, in the face of every odd.  

I will like to draw the curtain of this content with this quote.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”. 

Zig Ziglar

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