Five Simple Things Resourceful Teenagers Do

In an increasingly competitive world like ours, it is no gainsaying the fact that resourcefulness has become a high-income, if not a life-saving skill.

Gone are the days when you can sit back as a teenager, feed on the sweat of your parents or guardians and just watch life happen to you. 

I believe you are reading this article because you are passionate about change, or at least, discontented with the status quo, which is a great place to start if you ask me! You have goals, yeah? Amazing! Now, let me put it to you that you need to be as resourceful as you can to achieve every single one of those goals. 

Thankfully, there are clues! I like to refer to a quote that says “genius leaves clues”. There are countless teenagers like you all over the place who are already resourceful, and from whom you can glean simple tips that make for resourcefulness. 

In this article, you will learn the five simple things resourceful teenagers do, that can employ to become a resourceful teenager, too.

Resourceful Teenagers:

1. Set Priorities

Resourceful teenagers are not unstable people. They understand the language of priority and the importance of separating what matters at the moment from what does not. Instead of being jacks of all trades, and masters at none, they are jacks of the most important trades, and masters of them. 

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2. Work on their goals every day

Show me a resourceful teenager, and I will show you a teenager who, rather than sitting back and expecting a downhill success, puts in the work to actualize his/her goal on a daily basis.

Resourceful teenagers are not idle, waiting for fictional stardom; they go all out and create their stardom by working tenaciously on their goals every day.

Do you want to have a distinction in a major exam you are planning to write in five months time? Here is what a resourceful teenager would do: Create a study system that works for them and ensure they study for a minimum of 2-3 hours every day. 

3. Read Books

No teenager is resourceful without reading books. Reading is one single habit that opens you up to different worlds and affords you the ride to places and wisdom that exceed your present state. If you want to be resourceful, then you have got to read.

Now, I’m not even talking about academic books which you always have to read anyway. I’m talking about books in their diversity, books on topics that are foreign to your mind, any material that enlarges your mental capacity. 

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4. Network

Resourceful teenagers understand that solitude is rarely the way to go about life. Really, you can only do so much alone. Every now and then, you will need a helping hand, someone to guide you through a path you have never travelled, someone to just be really there for you. 

Most times, the answer to a problem you have might be the right connection. If you want to be a resourceful teenager, you need to understand that networking works.

5. Are Conscious of their Health

Health is wealth is what they say. Whatever it is that you want to achieve and become in life starts from a place of good health. If your health is impaired, then resourcefulness is apparently out of the calculus.

If you want to be a resourceful teenager, you have to pay attention to your health: work out, sleep well, feed properly, watch your sugar and glucose levels, and go for check-ups when you can!

The things that make for resourcefulness can be so many, and vary from person to person, or situation to situation. However, these are 5 of the most common characteristics of resourceful teenagers. 

See you at the top!

How do you intend to be more resourceful starting today? Feel free to share with us in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with someone.


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