The Art of Self-Discipline

More often than not, we all know exactly what to do to lead better lives; the steps we would need to take to achieve financial independence, the number of study hours required to get that degree, what to do to attain physical fitness and so on. But despite knowing, we find ourselves stuck to our old patterns of doing things- patterns that have proven unable to yield worthy results over time.

This hesitancy in working on the principles required to attain our goals can easily be traced to a lack of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is doing what you have to do when you have to, whether or not you feel like it. Simply put, it is a commitment to excellence.

Self-discipline is undeniably the master key to lasting success. It is of extreme importance if we are to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves; and there is invariably no area where we can do without it.

In the area of personal success, self-discipline ensures steady improvement and the fulfillment of purpose.

Career-wise, self-discipline enables you to manage your resources adequately and be well on your way to becoming the very best in your field.

And in health, self-discipline helps you to consume the right foods, exercise, get enough sleep and generally become more fit and healthy.

Self-discipline as a formula works, but only if you do.

Steps to Self-Discipline

1. Make a Decision

Think carefully today about what you want earnestly from life. Where you want to be in a few years, your dream job, financial status, whatever. Visualize it in your mind’s eye. Now adopt the mentality that failure is not an option, and make the decision to do whatever it takes to turn these visions into reality.

2. Set Clear Goals

If you are certain about what you want from life, but you do not have clearly defined goals as to how to get there, disciplining yourself to pursue your dreams will be very difficult. Reason being that goals are driving forces which give your subconscious the energy to keep putting in work. A man without goals can be likened to a ship without a rudder, it simply rides with the tides. Write down those goals today.

3. Avoid Excuses

You may not be responsible for the circumstances surrounding your life, but you are 100% responsible for what you make out of it. Procrastination is the enemy of discipline and hence, both cannot co-exist. Therefore, always resist the urge to make excuses for yourself. Once you find yourself thinking up an excuse for why you should hold off on venturing into that project, or why you should wait till tomorrow before making progress, get up and get going.

4. Eliminate Fear

Fear can be a very paralyzing emotion and sometimes, it is what stops us from taking action. Optimism on the other hand, makes you resilient. You may find that you are discouraged from putting in work simply because you are terrified of what the outcome could be.

The very best proof that something can be done is that someone else has already done it.

Bertrand Russell

Truth is, the only real antidote to fear is action- acting in spite of that fear. So, resolve to act in the direction of your goals even when afraid. If you keep doing this, it will become a habit and sooner than later, you will become a more disciplined individual.

Why is Self-Discipline So Important?

Self-discipline boosts your self esteem and confidence. Your self-esteem improves and so does your confidence when you persist through unfavorable conditions to eventually achieve the desired results. We all can relate to the euphoric feeling that comes from succeeding at an arduous task you once felt like quitting.

Also, self-discipline rids you of uncertainties. When you discipline yourself to pursue your goals, little by little, uncertainties about your future will begin to disappear.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Jim Rohn.

Self-discipline will not emerge in a day. It would take conscious efforts and consistency. It is one attribute you want to invest in. Thankfully, it does pay.


8 thoughts on “The Art of Self-Discipline

  1. The Art of Self-Discipline
    by vailyy
    Self-discipline is doing what you have to do, when you have to, whether or not you feel like it. Simply put, it is a commitment to excellence.


  2. Ma/Sir (the writer), I’m in awe!
    Asides delivering this fantastic essay with so many messages, your vocabulary and sentence structure are extremely laudable.
    I really appreciate your essay.
    I’m motivated again.
    Thanks very much for this blessing.


  3. Exactly what is needed during these times!

    We all come from different backgrounds, we have to find common ground and pull through together.

    I love the art of disicpline and perseverance. It’s life changing! 🤔

    These are exactly the topics I explore on my blog 😄

    Thanks for sharing!


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