The Truth About Discipline

I didn’t really think I’d be able to put something up, with the way my schedule was, but I realized that what you give time to is what determines your priority. And because I love writing, I wouldn’t let my chances go easily, so I got to pen something down.

If something isn’t important to you, there’s no way you would give it a priority.

Now, I’m talking about discipline. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of physical exercises, from sit-ups to push-ups and pull-ups, and I must say that I really love the way I’ve been feeling in my body these past few weeks. Not just because it makes me fit, but it helps me feel light and fast when moving with the troops no matter the heavy backpacks I’m carrying. But then, I know that once I’m done with this operation and I’m back to Base, I’m dissing all the exercise thing and getting back to my former lazy me.

I love the way I’m really feeling presently, but unless I find a reason to convince myself it’s good for me, I can never keep it up which is what people call “Lack of discipline”.

Lack of discipline these days is a serious issue in the society today. It is everywhere in the world, but one thing I know is that as much as we preach it to hearing of teens, youths, and adults, if they don’t come to terms with why they need to be, they can never become self-disciplined.

If you are not self-disciplined, imposed discipline cannot work on you.

So, what’s the truth about discipline that I’m trying to point out? It’s recognizing the benefits in being disciplined.

If you don’t see a reason to be fit physically, you can never discipline your self when it comes to eating.
If you don’t see a reason to have a good character and image, you will never be courteous in the way you treat and relate with others.
If you don’t see a reason to be financially stable, you can never be disciplined when it comes to spending.
If you don’t see a reason to be excellent among your peers, you can never take your academics seriously.
If you don’t see the need for God, you can never be serious in your fellowship with Him.

Discipline needs to be a priority and whatever you don’t see as important, can never become your priority. So if you don’t see the need to be disciplined in any area of life, you can never make it a priority.

Enjoy the rest of the month.

I hope this encourages you to work towards whatever thing it is you have to do. Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post. 


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