Understanding the Habits of Successful People

Does Success really have habits? Or the mention of it is just a cliché? Let’s do the math. If habits mean actions done on a regular basis and Success depicts something that happens, usually an achievement, as a consequence of actions taken, then we can bet it that Success does have habits.

Take a look around yourself, recall the number of times people have told you about their aspirations and goals. Uncountable, right? Think also of the number of them who in the long-run has achieved those goals…margin difference! Still, in all of those cases, there are still individuals who have defeated those feats that have proven unachievable or short-lived with others.

This further buttress that Success has habits, and the difference between CAN DO and CAN’T, is in the DOings which makes up the Habits of Success. Follow on as we dive in a little deeper.

True Success is not in the goal alone, the end cannot alone justify the means, we need the means to make us stronger while we reach for the end, help us bear the burden when the end is looking too far away and in all, ensure that we actually get to the end, intact and not in pieces or regrets.

To ensure that I don’t beat around the bush and deprive you of your popular order, I would serve it here and now:

Hard work is the delicacy of a successful man. Hear all the message you can: smart work, false laziness, etc. If you still refuse to do the work, it remains U N D O N E. And that is why successful people are hardworking, but not necessarily vice versa.

The essence of all the tactics we get online, hear from motivational speakers, is to get us to work and not just occupy a space in our cerebellum, without having a push to our hands and minds.

This brings us to the popular debate about the validity of hard work in attaining success. The opposing side usually brings up the example of individuals who labour hard and yet cannot be classified as successful. I would be wrong to totally overlook this, which is why I mentioned earlier that successful people are hardworking but not necessarily vice versa.

What is it that differentiates the result of the hardworking fellow from that a non-successful? It is focus.

A definite, clear and precise description of what is to the achieved and how to achieve it, Focus, is the guiding angel of success for many centuries.

The spontaneous desire to succeed can set us out unprepared at times that we end up blaming ourselves for setting out for the right course. The challenge is not to do everything but to everything pertaining to our desired goal and to do our best at it. This, dear readers, is what defines hard work that spur desired results.

Integrity is the rope that holds all the other habits of success together, which depicts that it must be top of the list for anyone that desires true-long lasting success without regrets.

Integrity ensures that you do not become a slave to your dreams and goals, pushing you in any direction that it wills. But rather that you are an individual standard in character and able to stand the test of time.

The list of the habits of success can go on and on; optimism, persistency, humility, vision and others. But what matters is that we practice what we know and then it becomes a habit and not just a knowing. And that we also are resilient enough to ask questions where we need answers as we continue on our journey to success.

The end is possible only to those that begin. Try practising the habits of Success today!

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