9 Steps to Develop Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is the quality of you living in accordance to your deepest values; being honest with everyone, including yourself. This also involves you making conscious efforts to live up to your personal moral code.

Here are ways you can develop your personal integrity

1. Examine yourself

Self-examination is very important in developing your integrity. Many people spend their days, without taking a break to examine themselves and know how they’ve been living their lives so far. Self-examination helps you to understand where you are improving and where corrections are still needed. Reflect on your interactions with other people, and how you deal with relationships; observe areas that needs improvement and determine to work on them.

2. Break habits

Some habits are not necessary and can sometimes hurt other fellows. Why not cut them off? Some might be difficult to, but if you really want to work on your personal integrity, you have to let them go and build a right sense of moral conduct for yourself.

3. Intend to change

In order to change, you must have the willingness to. After discovering the area of your life that needs improvement, be willing to do something. It doesn’t matter how impossible it may seem; just try to work it out. Tell yourself you can do it and work towards it.

4. Be accountable

Learn to take blames when they are on you, even if little. You have to learn how to stop putting blames on others. Take responsibility for yourself; doing this will help you to avoid same mistakes later in the future and gradually, you are building a stronger integrity.

5. Reinforce others

While there are people who would praise you and talk about the good things you do, there are some others who would clearly point out your mistakes and criticize you. The best thing to do in this situation is to thank them, because they are helping you to know where you are faulty and need to improve.

6. Respect the opinions and decisions of others

Another way to develop your integrity is to have the mindset that everyone has his/her own policy. Learn to listen and respect whatever idea anyone brings up; it relays a sensible level of integrity.

7. Enlist the help of others

Turn to people around you—your colleagues, relatives, and good friends, that are quite familiar with you and you trust so well. They can help provide feedback on your improvements; feel free to ask them about how much you have improved and learn to always acknowledge their comments.

8. Respect people’s properties

If you have gotten complaints before about you using someone else’s property beyond bounds, it’s time to change. If you have anyone’s possession in your care, learn to treat it with respect and let the owner have it back just the way you got it.

9. Reward yourself

When you finally realize that you are making progress and doing away with some unnecessary things, feel free to reward yourself. You can reward yourself with anything, and ensure to do better.

You have to move from envying other people’s integrity to building your personal integrity. You can make it work by following the 9steps you just read.


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