7 Steps to Strengthen your Character

Character is simply the sum of attributes such as courage, fortitude, honesty, and loyalty, in an individual. These attributes defines the person’s moral and ethical actions and reactions. Whatever decisions you make and behaviours you perform on a daily basis, is as a result of your character.

Below are steps you can take to strengthen your character

1. Evaluate your life

Evaluation is very necessary in order to strengthen character. Take out time alone, to think about how you’ve lived your life so far and what prompts your decisions. Think of times when your actions made you fulfilled, happy moments, and times when your decisions affected other people negatively. You have to know where you’ve been, to know what steps to take to move on.

2. Seek the truth

Try as much as possible not to be biased by emotions from the heart. In whatever situation you find yourself, learn to examine all facts, seek to know and live by the truth alone.

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3. Be content with your lot

To build a strong character, you must learn how not to imitate but to appreciate and live by your own principles and values. Don’t feel other people are better than you, as it only makes you feel less of yourself. Focus on how you live your own life, and how to become a better person.

4. Think about the rules you follow

Reflect over your life and observe rules that prompts your actions and how you live. What inspires you? What philosophy do you live by? What keeps you going? If after reflecting and asking yourself these questions, and you find out you have no set of guidelines or rules you follow, it’s not too late. Think of things and morals that can keep you up and going. You can talk with trusted friends and figure out what exactly it is that you have to live by.

5. Avoid evil and do good

A very interesting and assured way to living a life full of peace is by doing good. The road to your success shouldn’t trample on others’ needs and cause them so much pain. Think beyond your personal gains, and begin to think about others.

6. Master your feelings

As humans, it’s quite easy to allow our feelings to override us, but it is possible to take care of them. You shouldn’t let your feeling determine how decisions should be made. Know when you aren’t feeling too good, or when your emotions have been tampered with. In such cases, you can take a break and avoid making decisions that may affect you later on.

7. Focus on the positives in your life

This isn’t saying you should completely ignore the negatives, but putting a larger percentage of your focus on the negatives will only be drawing you back and hindering you from achieving more things. Keep aiming for greater heights and think less of the negative aspects of your life. Gradually, you are strengthening your character.

With the steps mentioned above, you can be sure that your character will be strengthened with time


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