From Young Boys to Real Men-3 | by Anointing Ogie

I was 10 years old and I had just lost my grandfather (at age 93). Baba was quite close to his grandchildren, he was generous and always had something to give when he came around (or when we went visiting). But his death in itself did not move me so much. Though for the first time in my life I saw my Dad tearing, even that didn’t move me to tears.

The next day (after he was buried), in the middle of the night I found myself crying. I cried till my eyes were red, not because I was going to miss ‘Baba’ but somehow, it dawned on this then 10 years old boy that just the same way daddy is burying Baba, you too will have to bury daddy (many years to come) and at some point my own children will be burying me (many many years to come).

Who would imagine that this is what a 10 year old boy was thinking about that was making him cry? (until now, I have never voiced this to anyone). I can bet there are deeper questions and harsher concerns in the hearts of the young male begging for answers (this is a gist for another day).

Looking back at the years, I now understand quite well that it was something on the inside of me; as it is with everyone of us males and females alike. It was a question being asked by my teenage mind. One that pops up in our minds every now and then, but for some of us, we have learnt and understood to have a ready answer to that question.

What is the essence of life? Best selling Christian author and Pastor, Rick Warren in his book ‘The purpose driven life’ expresses this ageless question as “what on earth am I here for?”

Giving an answer to this question marks a big step in transitioning from male to real man. Life, as we have it, is one big sarcastic ‘and so?’ without a ‘God purpose’; which is your customized answer to this ageless lifelong purpose question.

The God purpose for every male is for him to be a real man. The male transitioning to being a real man actively seeks the answer to the purpose question.

One is never too young to know purpose and understand the essence of life. Ask King Josiah at age 8, ask Jesus at age 12, ask David at age 16. Being a real man has little or nothing to do with chronological age.

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About the WriterAnointing Ogie is a graduate from the famous Uniben and holds an MSc in Economics from Unilorin. He works as a research associate with a Policy Think Tank Organization in a part of West Africa, Nigeria. He writes only on the basis of the vision he has, and that’s to see young guys transition to being real men. 


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