Dealing with this Ballgame Called Life

You can get hit by life and break down, someone else will face a similar situation and take it as a challenge to build up and get better.

Life imposes on you things that you can’t control, but you still have the choice of how you are going to live through it. … More Dealing with this Ballgame Called Life

It Takes Strength to Build

An inner drive is powerful. It’s from within. Nothing spurs you to action other than yourself. At the same time, nothing can kill this drive except you. Remember you are the creator and can be the killer as well.

Lunching out is great. Breaking limits is awesome. But beyond words of affirmation, your inner self is of utmost importance. … More It Takes Strength to Build

Strength in Waiting

There’s always a purpose and plan for our life and God’s timing is always perfect. One very practical blessing is how God strengthens as we lean on him in delays, fears and in troubles. According to the word of God “those who wait on the lord will gain new strength”. We’re given the metaphor of … More Strength in Waiting