What Does it Mean to be Strong in the Lord?

religious concept, Jesus Christ giving a helping hand to a human with a sunset sky background

We all are told that life is full of highs and lows, and we are informed that life can sometimes be unfair, serving us multiple “breakfasts” here and there. In our downtimes and lowest seasons, our friends or loved ones comfort us and constantly fill our ears and hearts with the simple sentence “be strong.”

As simple as that sounds, it can be unpleasant to hear because being strong is not easy. I mean, if I could be strong, I probably wouldn’t be ranting to my friends or seeking comfort in their company. How do they expect me to be strong when my strength has failed me? I am probably hanging on by a thread, so tempted to let it all go, and they tell me to be strong. I honestly have no energy or willpower to hold on to anything or anyone and would rather appreciate being carried in seasons like this.

This is where being strong in the Lord comes in. How can I be strong in the Lord? You ask.

On the days when it feels like we are without help and our strength has failed us, on the days when we are weak, tired, exhausted, and empty. The days when we are desperately in need of a source of strength. Someone we can draw from and lean on. Someone willing to hold us till we are fully recovered, strengthened, and empowered to take another swing at life. Someone with a lot more power, force, and strength than us.

That someone is Jesus. Hold up! Don’t roll your eyes at me just yet; allow me to explain. The dictionary defines the word strong as; Exerting great force, or Someone/ Something powerful and difficult to resist or defeat. Now the question is, which human or thing fits this description? God is our best bet and sure source when it comes to support. If to be strong means to have support, then to be strong in the Lord simply interprets as making the Lord your support.

HOW Exactly can we Achieve this?

Below are three ways we can be strong in the Lord:

1. Be Saved

If you haven’t accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour, now is a good time to. Say a simple prayer acknowledging Jesus as the son of God and confessing that He died for your sin. Build a relationship with God. Perhaps you were saved before now, or you just said the sinner’s prayer; the next step is to build a relationship with God. This can only be achieved by studying the scriptures. The YouVersion app is a great tool to help you find a rhythm and develop consistency.

2. Live a Life of Prayer.

Bible study and prayer go hand in hand. Make it a habit to have genuine conversations with God daily. There is no specific way to pray; just trust the Holy Spirit to lead and teach you what to say.

3. Surround Yourself with a Company of Believers.

This is important because we can only do so little on our own. On the days when it seems like God is so far away, you need friends who share your faith to constantly remind you of God’s presence and His all-encompassing love, even in the storm.

Regardless of how hard the enemy tries to knock you out, be reminded that Christ already defeated him for your sake, and now, you walk in Victory. I hope this article inspires you to draw strength from God every day constantly.
Till I write to you again, never forget that God loves you.


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