Bipolar Disorder or Depression: 5 Myths and Facts About them

The feeling of sadness that hovers over you like clouds. You’re feeling so low, like a sinking ship.
Well, you might not be new to the feeling of depression. And even if you have never been depressed, you might have had friends who have.

According to research, 20% of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood, and there have been approximately 1.5 million cases in Nigeria in the past year (Note that these are the recorded cases, what about those cases that no one knows about)

With that being said, back to the bone of contention.
On seeing the title of this blog post, some of you might wonder, Isn’t Bipolar disorder and depression similar?
Well, although they may seem as such, in the real sense, they are not, and I will tell you why.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes continuous sadness and loss of interest. It affects how the person feels, thinks, and behaves. They may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities and sometimes feel like life isn’t worth living.

What is Bipolar Disorder? 

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression. And it’s different because when you have this disorder, you tend to have a bad view of life; the feeling of ending it all keeps flooding your head. It is often worse, and you can’t seem to take it.

And during such times, it seems as though no one understands you. No one likes you and wants you around. Sadly, the reason or the cause of this disorder isn’t yet known.

Now, let us briefly discuss the myths people spread about this ailment.

Myth 1: There is no such thing as depression.

FACT: Parents are the first that came to my mind when writing this down. Some parents aren’t even aware that such an ailment exists, and even if they do, they won’t know when their child is down with it.

So, here is the thing, bipolar disorder and depression are serious medical conditions like any other illness other, like Cancer, malaria Etc.

It’s not possible that over 1.5 million Nigerian teens would lose their lives to an imaginary illness. Depression affects the mental state of health of any person.

Family members should always show their love and support to the depressed person within them. Their display of love and support would help that teen fight through that sad feeling hovering over them.

Myths 2: Children can’t be depressed

FACT: A child can be depressed. Either as a result of trauma from sexual harassment, peer pressure in school, harsh words from parents Etc. Regardless of age, background, and ethnic group, a child can still slip into depression. And at a young age, their mental health is still fragile and could leave a scar that could taint their beautiful lives. 

Myths 3: Depression would only happen to you when something bad happens to you 

FACT: Yeah, depression can happen to you when something happens. For example, I can recall when a neighbor of mine lost her first pregnancy. She locked herself up indoors for weeks, and no one Saw her. Her husband always complained to my mum about how she refused to eat. She would only come out late at night and cry under the weak light of the moon, praying to God. It was to the point she almost took her life.
But depression can also happen slowly. Hormonal imbalance or disorders, Mental issues can also give rise to depression.

Myth 4: Depression affects only teens and women

FACT: Depression affects any gender. A man can be depressed too. You may find it hard to believe that men and fathers, too, can be depressed, and this is because they don’t show it. They act all tough and hardly cry like all the depressed people you see in the movies and pictures.
Well, not all depressed people cry. Some act normal, but deep down, they are a sinking ship, a time bomb waiting to explode. If this, is it you? Reach out to us, and we can help you.

Myths 5: Work solves it all

FACT: This mindset is that you are depressed because you have a lot of time on your hands, and as a result, you try to overwork yourself to get your mind off it. Well, is it working? To be honest, it Isn’t. Maybe at the moment, you feel free, but you will just hit a wall and crash. This is very obvious in men and people who are depressed and grieving.

If you find yourself doing this, it might be a symptom of clinical depression, and we recommend that you seek professional help. We hope this article has helped you in one way or another. We would like to hear from you in the comment session if it did.


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