The Criteria for Success

I want to be a success, I want to be successful, I want to be great and I also want to be renowned.

I want to be successful, I want to be a success, I want to be globally known and I also want to be exceptionally famous.

The aforementioned expressions are only a wish, one you can make come true via your ceaseless working output towards it.

As a person, do you know the meaning of SUCCESS? How much can you write about it?

Success can be defined as an event that accomplishes its intended purposes.

Everyone on earth wants to be successful because the one who is successful is renowned, respected and honoured. Even those who are already successful try to maintain it.

A quick question: Have you seen a successful man or woman without his/her hustling story?

Success itself is in you, it is left to you to find it and make it boom in you positively. But how you find it? Where is it? And how can you make it materialize through you?

I have come to realise that the word “SUCCESS” explains how you can see, acquire and maintain it. Success has an acronym which ultimately doubles as it’s criteria and also explains the above statement.

S – See your goals/objectives
U – Understand the obstacles/ challenges
C – Create a positive future picture
C – Clear your mind on self -doubt
E – Embrace the challenges
S – Stay on track
S – Show the world you can do it

1. See your Goals/Objectives

Sighting your goals or objectives at an early stage is an attribute to your journey to success. This is the first move you should effectively make because it will create more time for other features of success when sighted early. Have one goal and focus on it. All your moves should then be in favour of that goal.

2. Understanding the Challenges/Obstacles

This is the next step you should know after sighting your goal. Remember, challenges and obstacles are always associated with aims, goals and objectives.

Challenges can be direct or indirect. Your level of understanding will help determine how well you fare after passing through it and a vivid understanding of challenges will help prevent a re-occurence of the same challenges. Try to understand the challenges related to your goals for easy access to the next stage.

3. Create a Positive Future Picture

View/see yourself in the future at your present stage.

The above sentence is important to work on. When you view or see yourself in the future at your present stage, it enables you to see yourself at the preferred position you are looking forward to be in. But how well can you make this real? How fast can make this picture become a reality?

4. Clear your Mind on Self Doubt

One of the greatest sin a man could commit on himself is not believing in himself. Having self doubt towards your aspirations or goals is extremely negative. Belief is an assurance of yourself in something.

Self-doubt should be left out on your way to success because it could cause hindrances or obstacles towards attaining success.

5. Embrace the Challenges

How prepared you are for challenges is a result of how well you have been able to embrace them. Embracing challenges in life is important because it makes you active in all dealings and acts of life. Attaining success comes with series of challenges and you embracing and accepting them will give you an edge over them.

6. Stay on Track

Non-diversion of activities is a plus to a man’s features. Ideas are left out for utilization. Staying on track with the laid out principles guiding the ideas is utmost, which ultimately makes you focused on one lane that leads to making the ideas a success. Staying put and firm in one direction to success is key.

7. Show the World You Can Do it

Announcing yourself to the world takes a lot of activities, both seen and hidden. Showing yourself to the world is timed. There is a time for everything we do but doing it at the right time is the challenge.

Showing the world your ability is great but how far can you maintain that shown ability? Before you show yourself, find out if you have become “a force to be reckoned with”.

The immediate and lasting impact of what you intend to show or what you have shown to the world will determine how you will be welcome into the league of successful elites.

The above expression defines success and its criteria that leads to its attainment.

Your success story is about to be written, Success awaits your arrival.

What’s that key thing you think you need to do to be successful in life? Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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