Light of the World

Who are you?
What kind of life do you carry?
What kind of fire burns in you?
What light do you possess?

Light of the world
Bringing bare
The works of darkness

Exposing principalities
Making a public show of them
Exposing the intents of men
Expelling forces of darkness

Light of the world
Igniting life and grace
Emitting the fragrance of love
Dispelling evil
Rendering to naught
Spells of wickedness

The life you carry
Is for a purpose
How intentional are you about it?

The fire burning
In you
Is not for that alone
How much have you
Affected your world?

How well have you spread Christ?
How well have you shown Christ?
To a dying world
A dark world
A helpless world
A confused world
In desperate search for answers

Dear light bearer,
The Glory of your God
Indeed is upon you!


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