Rejected for Being a Light

You will be hated for being light because we live in a falling world.

A falling world covered with darkness and do not want to accommodate the light.

Do you think darkness loves light? No!

Light is an enemy to darkness and so when you make that stand, darkness will be your enemy. … More Rejected for Being a Light

5 Ways to Build and Sustain Illumination

As lights, we need to remain bright and relevant. To build and Sustain our Illumination, we have to intentionally seek out ways to do so.

As lights, the intensity of your illumination depends on how connected you are to your Source.

We will never know how bright a dark room can be until we turn on the light source. … More 5 Ways to Build and Sustain Illumination

This is How to Light Up Your Mind

Of all the forms of darkness there is, a mind void of knowledge is the worst.

Reading would also sharpen your sense of judging. Most of us believe that there are ancient traditions that can not be undone. Reading exposes us to the possibilities of change because we have a wide scope of imagination that’s waiting to be explored. Our minds are basically filled up with, not just diverse gigantic ideas, but also breathtaking systems of implementation.
Given the peculiarities of light, it is therefore necessary that one checks, to be convincingly sure, if as his outer sight is lighted up, his inner sight is the same. One needs to be sure that his inner eyes- the mind of man- is not in darkness as much as his bulging eyes aren’t left in darkness.

More This is How to Light Up Your Mind

A-ha! After Your Light-bulb Moment

It’s a day after your aha-moment and your brilliant idea is starting to feel not so brilliant. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and you’re starting to think it was fool’s gold all along. Are you right about the situation or has your perception become faulty with time?

When you have a brilliant idea and you leave it to keep running through your mind without taking any action, you become weary. The question now is, what should you do after you get an idea? … More A-ha! After Your Light-bulb Moment

Be Ye Light!

“This little light of mine
I’m gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…”

Lowkey, we all want to illuminate the world. I also want to make an impact, I want to truly live, not just exist or be a passer-by. Are we bringing a tiny light to the darkness of this world? Whether through honesty, graciousness, patience, positivity, or myriad other qualities, it’s a question worth asking ourselves. … More Be Ye Light!