Shining as Light

It’s by God’s grace that we all are alive, the previous year ended on a different note for each of us. Most of us made plans, some were fulfilled while some were not. The ways of the world were changed permanently due to Covid-19, this year might look like another that just need to be lived. 

Some of us must have told ourselves not to expect much from this year due to the experience of the previous year and that is not the solution. We’d ask what the solution is, right?


Yes, we need to shine as light this year. We need to give God our totality this year, irrespective of the state of the world,  God is not changing. 

Illumination  means to supply light, and light is the removal or absence of darkness.

We are  the light of the world, according to Matthew 5: 14-15, ” You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden…”

A city built on a hill cannot be hidden,  but at the same time, if a lamp is placed under a bowl, the house cannot be illuminated. The same thing applies to us as individuals. If we decide to shy away from shinning as light and also lighten others, then we are like a lamp placed under a bowl.


1. Define your relationship with God

Most times we think relationship only happens with people we can see, but that’s far from the truth. Like the normal relationship with man, we need to know God, trust him personally and receive Christ and his offer of salvation as a  gift. God is not only looking for a clinging bride but also a walking partner, walking doesn’t only make the exercise fun but deepens our relationship with God. 

God is not only looking for a clinging bride but a walking partner.

2. Define your relationship with man

Your relationship with men needs to be defined this year. You have to shine as light. Having defined your relationship with God,  you don’t need to do things that would nail Christ on the cross again. As ambassadors of Christ, you need to represent Christ wherever you go. Not by living a double facet live.

3. Make plans and work towards it

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Our minds are meant to dwell on things. Emptying one’s mind is an impossibility, our minds need and crave focus. We can choose to focus on important things, righteous things, and things which benefit us and others. The same way, however, our minds have the potential to dwell on negative things, unimportant things, fantasies. This is the juncture at which our minds can lead us astray. To avoid this,  we need to make plans and a conscious effort to work towards it. Stay focus on the right thing.

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This year just begun and most of us have not had any plans mapped out, now is the time to do so. This year let’s shine as light irrespective of the state of the world. 

Everything is changing,  a new normal has set in. But God doesn’t change. Why not cling and walk with the unchanging God this year?


2 thoughts on “Shining as Light

  1. Defining our relationships (with God and man) is needful because any undefined relationship always leads to frustration.
    Thanks for his post.👍


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