What is in Your Life’s Blueprint?

God is the architect of life, he created you, hence, he knows you best. He knows your true identity, He knows your potential, He knows your capability, He knows your worth. You may think you have a high concept of yourself and rate yourself 8/10 whereas God rates you 11/10. He sees you beyond the human scale of measurement. … More What is in Your Life’s Blueprint?

What is in Your Hands?

Today is still in your hands, keep a hold on it. Your future is still in your hands, don’t trade it for pleasure. The world out there has nothing to offer compared to the precious gift God has placed in your hands which is your life. Don’t let reckless living steal it away. … More What is in Your Hands?


Living in a world of fantasy Imagining life to be rosy Setting goals to be achieved Aspirations and thoughts Thinking life to be fair Straight and loyal It suddenly hits me Why me? Failure is certainly not for people like me I have never failed I never imagined failing It whispers slowly to me