What is in Your Hands?

What lies in your hands, my friends? Is it hope for the future or the regrets of yesteryears?
What lies on your palms? Is it great plans waiting to be unfolded or emptiness?

A thoughtful saying in my dialect says “I met lines in my palms, I know not who drew them“. Though most people have been saying these words, how has it helped motivate them to move their life forward? Though we know not He who wrote the lines in our hands but have we really utilized the lines while we still have a grip?

What’s in your hands, my friend?

Today is still in your hands, keep a hold on it. Your future is still in your hands, don’t trade it for pleasure.

The world out there has nothing to offer compared to the precious gift God has placed in your hands which is your life. Don’t let reckless living steal it away.

Your future is in your hands so they say, but with the current outbreak of depression these days, isn’t it the ropes and poisons that are directing some lives today? Let it not control yours.

The way you lay your bed is how you will lie on it by the time the day is gone, but these days, some never even get to see the brightness of the day in order to have the chance of laying their bed. Yours is a peculiar case, it’s still dawn for you.

In case you are still contemplating on who it was that wrote the lines on your palms, it is God who did. And he didn’t just stop at writing alone, He made each design on everyone’s palm a compass on how to run their lives which is why the lines differ per person. And if it differs, why let another man’s journey drive you to an early grave or doom?.

Your hands carry great things than you can only imagine, only if you would tread the divine path that’s meant for you.

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