Remembered For Good

What we do today will be tomorrow’s breaking news
What we say today will be tomorrow’s talk of the day

Life is not lived for today
It’s lived for tomorrow

We don’t plan for today
We plan to secure our tomorrow

The things we are presently involved in is what we’ll be remembered for tomorrow

Tomorrow is not certain, yet it’s sure
Tomorrow seems far, yet it’s close by our doorsteps
Tomorrow is not predictable, yet we prepare for it

What will you be remembered for tomorrow?
What will be said of you at your memorial?
What memories will your friends have of you?
What legacy will the unborn meet when you are gone?

The things we do will keep living on when our today ends
Do the good you can do for a fellow;
Give the help you can render while it’s still at your bay.
Help those within your reach as much as possible
Because when you are gone, your name will surely fade away but only the things you have done will be remembered.

Being Remembered for one good is better than for numerous bad things.

Work on what you will be remembered for, and if there’s any form of consolation in the grave, you will at least have one to hold on to.

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