Worthy Successors


Trust you are doing great? I’ll need you to do something for me real quick. Note where your dad/mum/guardian/mentor or anyone you so much wish to be like is right now. Now, imagine if it were you in that same position. Would things be the same as it is now? Or would things have been different?

We all always want to do much better than our mentors but we chose to ignore some of the things that make them who they are. Those things are what make them what you see now.

A successor is a person who immediately follows another (predecessor) in holding a tittle or an office. A successor is an heir.

Just as a prince takes over the throne after the king, so are you to take over from your dad/mum/guardian/mentor or anyone you so much wish to be like.

The question now is you worthy of that position? Are you working towards been worthy of that position?

To be truthful, things don’t just happen because they were meant to happen rather things happen because someone somewhere WORKED for it to happen. Just as we don’t live in our dreams but we live in reality, we still have dreams.

Don’t think because you have so much wished and dreamt to be something or like someone, it would happen like a fairy tale. NO, there’s more to it. That is the WORK.

Work to achieve better and possibly the best of anything you want to be. Imagine if I want to become a surgeon and I so much love to be like Ben Carson (a neurological surgeon) but I do not like/pass my science courses. How will I ever be like Ben Carson?

That’s the WORK I’m talking about. Work your way towards success. Stop being lazy and careless, things won’t fall in place that way. Rather, take actions to put things in place and set the ball rolling. Seize every opportunity to learn and know more about where you are heading.

Your mentor was not born a success he/she worked his/her way to get there.

Jonathan was a worthy successor to King David. Not because he was born as a prince (there were other princes in the family) but because he worked his ways right before God and his father David 1Kings 2:2. No one was born with success, not even the child of a successful person. We are all to work/strive to achieve success. The joy of our dad/mum/guardian/mentor would be fulfilling when you achieve greater than they what they have.

These are some of the things that make you a worthy successor:

  • GOD first
  • Goal oriented/focused
  • Hardworking
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Not distracted

Be a worthy teenager that can succeed the present and lead the next generation into greatness.

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