Take it One at a Time

2019 is already 8 days old!
It might seem like we still have a long way to go but sincerely, time and tide wait for no man. In fact, 2019 waits for no one.

What are your plans for the year? Have you started executing them? I understand the excitement you might have at this early stage of the year on fulfilling your goals as soon as possible. However, if you are not careful, you could get too occupied with other things along the line that you forget to fulfil your goals or work on your plans.

I have the following ideas for you to help you in fulfilling your goals for the year:

1. Be committed to working on your plans

There’s a need for you to be intentional and deliberate about it. Be committed to meeting deadlines.

2. Take it one at a time

Don’t try to rush yourself because a time will come when you just feel like you are on a faster pace and while trying to slow down, you might lose track or count of time. Follow the normal pace you are supposed to, goals must be time-bound. Work with time and be sure to meet deadlines.

3. Have an accountability partner

This would help you even when you get tired of working on your plans. He/she gets to ask about your progress and that would encourage you to do something.

4. Check through your goals often

Goals must be written down. Having it in your head does not make it a goal yet, probably it’s still a dream. Checking through it where it is written serves as a reminder for you.

5. Believe in yourself

Let your thought pattern not be mediocre, think like a successful person. Believe in yourself that you are able!

6. Trust God to help you

The mistake we make most of the time is trying to help ourselves. You might get to a stage where you just feel helpless and can’t seem to help yourself. God is ever available and ready to help you and see you through.

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I wish you a beautiful and wonderful year ahead!

What are you currently doing to ensure you meet your goals for this year? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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