Involve God in All You Do

Commit everything you do to the lord. Trust him, and He will help you.
Psalms 37 :5.

A person once told me that, “there’s no great man anywhere, it is only the man that the Lord has helped that is great” and yes, it is more than true.

God made us, we’re his handiwork plus he knows us better than we think we know ourselves. Creatures can never outwit their creator, it doesn’t happen.
He’s all-knowing, he knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end. He knows how your life will look like even while you were still a foetus. Isn’t this more of a reason to subject the entirety of your activities to God? It sure is.

There’s only so much you can do all by yourself. More than often, you can’t get most things done by your natural abilities. You’ve got to have the backing of a superior person to achieve superior things. This is why you need to involve God.

What plans do you’ve for your life? What are your aspirations? What do you aim to do? Ensure you involve God in every bit of it because whatever God is involved in doesn’t fail.

The children of Israel in the Bible couldn’t have lay hold of victory in Egypt without involving God in their issues. Every battle David fought was fought with God beside him. Daniel, Joseph, Mordecai amidst others were winners because they got God watching their backs. You can’t afford to be an exception.

Yes, I’m a teen but God has been very faithful to me. I grew up to realize that a life that wants to shine must have God involved in it. This encourages me to always pin my hope on God, and I have got tons of good results doing that.

There’s always a distinction between a life that has God and a life that doesn’t. I’ve seen an average student get things a brilliant guy is hustling to get, easily. I’ve seen an unskilled man reach the height a skilled man is dying to reach, easily. I’ve seen people get things their natural abilities don’t merit. Why? Because the greater one is involved in their doings.

Where God lives has to be unique. You need to make a radical choice of allowing him lead your everyday life

From your daily activities to your school works to your recreational stuff, God should be involved. Start out your day with God, end it with God. Get so stuck to him that he is even with you while you are asleep.

You need yourself to go near: you need God to go far

See you at the top!

How much do you involve God in your daily activities?

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