TMO 2020 Roundup!

2020 was quite a year for everyone. Like you, we were excited about the start of the new decade (or the end of the last decade?). We had our plans for the year neatly laid out. All we needed to do was join hands together in solidarity and make our dreams come true.

But, hey! Life comes with surprises and here we are! There were twists and turns in our plans but the good part is that we made a few things work. 

Let us take you through the journey of 2020 in TMO. 

Ready? Set? Come on now! 💃🏾🕺🏾



  • IWD Project- #PadATeen 


  • TMO is Registered
  • TMO Writing Course for Blog Authors- 47 Students


  • Fourth Anniversary
  • Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH) 4.0- 145 families


  • TMO Conversations- 205 participants
  • Magazine launch- 500 downloads

IWD Project

Since 2018, we have chosen the International Women’s Month- March to reach out to teenage girls in secondary schools. The aim is to talk to them about menstrual hygiene and also distribute free pads. We call this the #PadATeen project. This project has been carried out six times in four different locations across our two major countries. We have also distributed almost a thousand pads for free to teenage girls.

Despite our efforts this year to publicize and reach out to schools ahead of time, the pandemic and nationwide lockdown affected our plans and we were unable to do it. We are including this in our roundup because everything else regarding this project (meetings, visiting schools, publicity, crowdfunding…) happened except the actual event. 

The funds raised were channeled towards the LPOH project which happened in June and will be discussed below. See past #PadATeen Projects here.

TMO is Registered!

TMO got registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Non-governmental organization on the 27th of May 2020. This is huge news for us, as we have worked tirelessly over the years and looked forward to when we can finally have our seal. It gets better from here on and we can’t wait to see how much more we can do. 

PS. Our name is now officially Teens Meet Outreach (TMO). In case you’re about to ask what happens to Teens Meet “ONLINE”, we already addressed it in our anniversary post

TMO Writing Course for Blog Authors

In the middle of the pandemic, we thought it’d be great to train some of our blog authors on how to write the perfectly optimized post for the web. We had two editions within the same month- May 2020. The first had 23 students who were all TMO Blog Authors, while the second edition had 24 students, of which only 7 were our blog authors and the 17 others were outsiders who heard about it and wanted to be part. We had 47 students in total. 

There were tasks for each lesson to apply what they had learnt and in the end, everyone who completed their tasks got a certificate from TMO.

Instructor’s note: both sessions were amazing and certainly one of the best things I did this year. It’s also great watching people go from knowing little about something to knowing so much more in a few days. Feedback keeps pouring in every other month from people who are making great use of the knowledge they acquired. 

Will we do this again?

Certainly! And this time, we’ll take it from in-house training to everyone outside TMO who might also be interested. Also, expect more courses from us. Stay glued to our social media platforms so you don’t miss a thing. 

Our Fourth Anniversary!

It was our fourth anniversary on the 10th of June 2020. We have come a long way- from learning to crawl and to standing tall to do much more. You can read our anniversary post here.

Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH) 4.0

21 Volunteers; 145 families

Despite the twists and turns of the year, we at least held one outreach. It wasn’t the same as in previous years because we had to be mindful of large gatherings and practice social distancing. We gave out foodstuff and left prints on the hearts of 145 families in six locations across Nigeria and The Gambia. This makes a total of over 2000 families who have benefited from LPOH since its inception. 

We gave a proper breakdown of the outreach in this post.

TMO Conversations (TMOC) 5.0

TMOC was our very first event in TMO in 2016. The oldest, yet most consistent of all. For this year, our theme was on the Financially Intelligent Teenager and we had about 205 participants. It was a three-day event where we explored different topics on the theme and have compiled them all on our blog.

We discussed:

1. Getting Started with Finances

2. Savings & Investments for Teenagers

3. Staying Financially Intelligent as a Teenager. 

Click any of those topics to access the compilation of each session.

Magazine Launch

TMO Magazine 2.0

We launched the second edition of our magazine this year. Yay! Do you remember when we launched the first edition? That was two years ago and it is with great delight that we were able to do it again this year and even better! We have about 500 downloads so far. You can join the train if you missed it!

What’s up, 2021?

We are pumped! 2020 might have been a long troubling year for many of us but we are coming back even stronger next year. 

We are grateful to God for all the wins we had this year despite the pandemic. Super thankful that we didn’t have to shut down but rather grew more in numbers and strength.

2021 is for coming out of our comfort zones and going beyond. Will you like to be a part of this?

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