TMO 2022; The In-betweens

If you’re familiar with our annual projects, you’d know we have projects running through the year. This includes the IWD PadATeen, TMO Academy, Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH),TMO Conversations, TMO Magazine, etc. The year 2022 had a different approach. … More TMO 2022; The In-betweens


TMO 2020 Roundup!

2020 was quite a year for everyone. Like you, we were excited about the start of the new decade (or the end of the last decade?). We had our plans for the year neatly laid out. All we needed to do was join hands together in solidarity and make our dreams come true.

But, hey! Life comes with surprises and here we are! There were twists and turns in our plans but the good part is that we made a few things work.

Let us take you through the journey of 2020 in TMO.

Ready? Set? Come on now! 💃🏾🕺🏾 … More TMO 2020 Roundup!

A Letter to Abba II

This is my first “official” written letter to you and I hope to express myself in the best way I can. I want to, first of all, express my gratitude for the beautiful things you have done for me, the first being giving me salvation. I am really thankful for Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection and the life it gave me. … More A Letter to Abba II