2017 Review: The Year So Far…

Say hello to the global team!

The year began very beautifully for us, as it was our first time starting a year afresh in January, considering that we were only 6 Months old at the beginning of the year. We had to make plans on how to run the 12 months and it’s been an exciting journey so far.

We started out with monthly themes to run the year, with the aim to have something to drive us each month. Our themes for this year include:

The Praying teenager—January
Teens Show Love—February
The Exceptional Teen—March
Beyond Definition Teen—April & May
Leaving Prints on Hearts—June
Preparing for the future—July
Overcoming fears and challenges—August
Worship as a Lifestyle—September
One Step at a Time—October & November

We had a few school outreaches at the beginning of the year to reach out to more teenagers who are still in secondary school. It was also a way to publicize more about our organization and it was really productive.

We turned a year on the 10th of June 2017, making the month our anniversary month. And to celebrate that, we asked for testimonials from fans and got quite an amazing number, which was shared on all our social media platforms. In addition to that, we organized a community outreach in four different locations in both Nigeria and in The Gambia. Three states, including Lagos, Oyo and Osun were our host in Nigeria while YUNA Village was our host in The Gambia.

Lagos had a street outreach, Oyo and Osun reached out to orphanage homes, and YUNA village reached out to villagers in the community. It was an interesting outreach and following our theme of the month which was Leaving Prints on Hearts, we made sure we left prints on hearts. Interestingly, we didn’t just leave prints on the hearts of those we reached out to but also on our individual hearts, as representatives of each location testified to what they felt at the end of the outreach.

Leaving Prints on Hearts was a success because people came in as angels to support with materials and finances and also to volunteer.

While preparing for the anniversary, we launched our T-shirt, sold for 2000 Naira or 300 Gambian Dalasi, (You can still place order for yours if interested, just send us an email). We were so glad at the turnout for each location and for a start, that was something to be grateful for and a great form of encouragement.

Later in September, we formed a new arm with TMO, known as Teens Meet to Worship (TMW). This is solely for every teen and young adult who loves to worship God. Again, it was held in four locations in both Nigeria and in The Gambia. In Nigeria, we had Lagos, Oyo, and Ondo states as our hosts and in The Gambia, we stormed Senegambia.

We dedicated four Saturdays in September for the event; one Saturday for each location, and it was worth it.

We had barely heaved a sigh from the worship event when October came knocking and we knew we had to continue the series we began the previous year—TMO Conversations. TMO Conversations was birthed from the desire to bring teenagers together online to learn something that can help build them. It is called a conversation because it’s meant to be quite interactive and interesting. We started plans for the second edition and it was lit!

Before wrapping up the year, we launched a “Join Us” column on the site to embrace those who will like to contribute to the growth of TMO. Since we can’t possibly bring everyone on the team, we decided to make it work as sub-teams and we’re glad to announce that it will fully take effect in 2018. So far, we’ve had many interested volunteers and we hope to build a mighty army for TMO through this.

As we wrap up the year, we are on our toes, preparing for the new year and we are rest assured that it will be a better and greater year for us. Yass!

TMO Team
Joy! More joy!

Thank you so much for being a part of us this year. For subscribing to the blog, following our social media platforms and also helping to promote TMO in every way.

You can also join us and let’s get started to make 2018 glow!

For sponsorship and partnership, kindly mail us at teensmeetonline@gmail.com


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