The Exceptional Teen

Being excepted simply means you are taken out from others; out of many; out of combined random picks.

It is you being different from those in your niche at a particular period of time. It is you thinking in a different manner because you know it’s what’s right, and not thinking like others, just to feel among even when you know they are wrong.

Now, let’s bring it down to our level as teenagers.

Teenagers are thought to think this way and that. After all, they are the 13s to 19s; they are brooding; they are becoming.

To some, it takes being an adult and getting to a certain level in life to be taken seriously.

Being exceptional is you going beyond the norm. It is you breaking the definition everyone has defined your state to be. It is getting out of that mentality that you need adulthood to ‘settle down’.

An exceptional teen is a light amongst others. He/she sees what others do not.

While others go round the common life’s timetable, you build an empire by taking an extra step further.

This may have to let go some things. It may have to deprive you of some friends who will never reason along with you. It may stop you from visiting certain places.

Being exceptional is beyond looking at the present. It is you seeing the future and laying the foundation carefully.
It is you being certain of the kind of life you want for yourself

Teenagehood is not necessarily a time to ‘enjoy life’ and make lots of mistakes.

Do you know what adolescence is? The transition period between childhood and maturity; this includes the physical and psychological development.

Adolescence is the same as teenhood. It is that 13 to 19 period.

Do you see how sensitive this period is? It is simply that line between childhood and adulthood. Do you transition into ‘maturity’ without taking right steps in teenhood? Unless if you want your adulthood to be a disaster.

Little wonder some people take out the first few years of their 20s to build a foundation and figure out what being an adult is. This should have been settled as a teenager.

How can you make this happen? How can you be that exceptional teenager who thinks beyond the norm?

1. Have a purpose

A man without purpose is an empty vessel. When you have no intention to do the things you should. When you are not conscious of how you live. When you have nothing significant and concrete to pursue.
When you are just there, living like just a random teenager with nothing to hold on to. Randomity!

2. Trim/prune and make smooth

Some friends are not needed. You don’t need the crowd to get to your destination. Learn to trim off the excesses in your life and take out those who will rather bring you down than bring you up.

It’s always best to walk with those who are in line with your purpose. Have more of them around you, to give you more ideas and a sense of living.

If you can’t say NO to certain friends now, it’ll be difficult in adulthood. Take a step today.

3. Think of ways to improve

This is where self-examination comes in. Where you get to check yourself and see how far you have come; the reality of who you are; and how you’ve been walking in line with your purpose all along.

This is where you sincerely tell yourself the things you should improve on. If it’s on character, you may ask a few friends who’ll be sincere with you.
And you may have to revisit your goals to know where you’re lagging.

Teenagehood may be the time everyone wants to make mistakes and catch up with what’s in vogue.

But an extraordinary teenager sees beyond that. Live consciously, knowing that you don’t have to do something because everyone else is doing. That doesn’t make it right!

Choose your path carefully. Be an exceptional teenager


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