How to be Exceptional

To be more than who you truly are. I feel no one was born to be ordinary. Everyone has a unique thing about them that no one else could do as perfectly as they would. It is not about thinking you are special, but the ability to put those thoughts into actions. Trust me, being different feels too good, even though some people see it as some toxic escapade. To be more than who you perceive yourself to be. To be able to see with the eyes of who you really are, not what your present circumstances tell or whisper at you daily.

Yes, exceptional! Dissolving the thought that you are never too young to be distinct from the majority, and seeing you, as minority; as a blessing and not a curse. It is choosing to be different in scenarios where all assumed to be futile. It is taking that step to be above everyone’s level of impossibilities. It is seeing a chance where it is really boldly written that there is no way. It is proving everyone wrong about their description  of your fate. It is the way you stand up a hundred and nine times after you have been stepped on. It is acknowledging that you are not too young to feel pain, to feel emptiness, to feel deterred, to feel deflated, to feel paralyzed with fear, to feel broken, to feel anger in a destructive manner, to feel like you have to do something because of pressure or because you perceived it to be right. And at that, you are not too young to be more than who the world sees you as. The mindset of people is that,  great things come from big minds, but the truth is that you have the capacity to explore your mind to various dimensions. Just as much as the positive energy flow from it, negative one also flows from it, so the only thing you can do is to be the egregious. You ought to be able think of the future instead of the present. Your response on situations should be like, you have seen a way out of that bleak road. It is having that spirit of rarity imbibed into your being.

You can achieve all you want, you can break all the boundaries to life the way you please, you can be more different in all you do, you can even be the best the world has ever seen, but yet you will still feel ordinary. This  egregious feeling does not come because of your amount of success, it comes knowing that you are nothing before Him. Knowing that everything you have is just an expression of grace, not how lucky you are. See, to be the teen with weapons in your hands is having a higher force by your side, having a supreme being who is nevertheless going to judge you, even if you stumble and fall. It is knowing that being too young to acquire anything you want is just some infallible proofs, proven by some mediocre. This is in fact the age to go beyond every limitation through the help of God. That is when you can be exceptional. That is when you can go above being average and normal, that is when you can conquer and travail. That is when you can be you from the inside.

Teen-hood is not about clinching to the fact that you are never going to be able to be on your own someday. It is accepting the truth, that you are born to be different. To be more than the every day teen. It is doing what brings the best in  you, not living life because you feel like there are still so many chances gnashing at your feet.

Take a bold step, a little above your comfort zone. Be the woman or man you dreamed to be now! Work towards that person you always fantasized about. Be more than you!


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