It’s Not a Competition

“Good afternoon sir, I am sorry I came late. I left home very late and I had some things to do at home” Mrs Williams said.

You are welcome Mrs Williams. I understand, you may have your seat. The Principal stretches his hand to offer her a seat. Mrs Williams, the mother of Jude was wondering what could have happened to her son. Jude is a reserved boy who respects authorities but it is obvious he has hit the bull by the horn this time around.

“Jude what happened between you and Lola?” His principal asked

“Nothing sir, it was just an argument” Jude replied, giving a sharp answer as he frowned.

“So, Lola what happened between you and Jude?” The principal asked further.

Staring at Jude, Lola answered “Sir, Jude has been keeping Lanre’s physics note because he wants him to fail”.

“Hmm! And why would you hide Lanre’s note?” The principal asked, facing Jude.

“It was not like that, I did not hide his book…” Jude said as his mother interrupted him.
“It is not like what? Is that the answer to the question the principal asked you?” Mrs Williams said shouting at her son’s attitude.

“Lanre is a very brilliant boy and he has always been the best student in the class right from when we gained admission into this school, and most times he represents the school in quiz competitions” Jude said.

“So is that enough reason to hide his note so he can fail?” His mother asked further.

“When the principal announced that the school is ready to offer scholarship to the best student and it is only for the SS1 students. It has always been my dream to win this scholarship, so I can prove to my parents that I am not lazy but everybody knows that Lanre is a genius even if it is an impromptu test, he will still get the highest score.
So I shared my plight with Lola, and he also said he doesn’t want Lanre to win the scholarship. He gave me an advice that I should put a leaf into his bathing water, that will make his body itch, so he would not be able to attend the test. Unfortunately, Mr. Teriba, our physics teacher, was sent by the principal to the Ministry of education that day”. Jude said

“Why then did you hide his note?” The principal asked.

“When the leaf did not work, I decided to hide his note so I would return it after the mid term break”.

The Principal looked from Jude to Lola back to his mother and sighed heavily. “Why on earth would you do such things to him because you want to win the scholarship? You can also win the scholarship without hurting him or cheating him, besides this is not a competition, the reason why the school management gives out gifts and awards is to impress you and make you all understand the meaning of studying well and hard.
This is not a competition; even if there is a reward attached to it, that is why we give chances to students to receive the best students on each subject they offer.
You shouldn’t be jealous if Lanre has always been the overall best student instead you should learn from him and study well like he does so you can also be better than him.
Nevertheless, you will receive your punishment for your offenses; you both will assist the cleaners and pick the nylons and papers in the school compound. You may go back to your classroom”. The principal concluded.

“Thank you very much sir, I really appreciate you sir”.

As Christians, we all are running our race to meet our redeemer but it is not a competition even if there is a reward at the end of the race. Don’t be envious of others when they are pressing forward instead know your God.


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