The Two Chief Sources of Depression

The damage depression is causing in the lives of people is regrettably untellable. You see happy people suddenly turn sadists as a result of the exerting force of depression on them.

That some are smiling doesn’t mean they are not depressed, Many people have just chosen to hide a million pains behind the faintest smile. Especially now that social media has become an abode for all to guise their demons in angelic garments. … More The Two Chief Sources of Depression

My Photograph is on God’s Table

You may have encountered trials, tests, difficulties somewhere sometime in life, but that does not alter the seed of greatness that God has planted in you. Tests produce testimonies. Dust your shirt, get up from that complacent position, look within and see greatness. … More My Photograph is on God’s Table

No Excuses Allowed!

We might be the kind of people telling someone else in a higher than normal pitch that do they think they are better than we are. We then proceed to determine in our minds that we will ‘show them’. We might be the ones in a very obvious competition with someone else, constantly trying to … More No Excuses Allowed!