No Excuses Allowed!

We might be the kind of people telling someone else in a higher than normal pitch that do they think they are better than we are. We then proceed to determine in our minds that we will ‘show them’. We might be the ones in a very obvious competition with someone else, constantly trying to prove ourselves. We might be the subtle ones who, when we hear of a person’s achievement, we try to find their age or financial backing and then compare it with ours. If they happen to be older or more financially stable, we have this satisfaction and become at ease, but if they’re not, we feel very down and shamed. Whichever group we belong, we are all guilty of unhealthy competitions.

Can we please put an end to it?
Let me take a minute and remind us of a fact we may or may not know.

In a race, each athlete is given a lane and is to remain in that lane on the running track throughout the race. If they move to another lane, even if they win, they will be disqualified.

Stay in your lane!

We all have an exam to write and if you think it’s fine to copy someone else, guess what? We have different questions to answer.
Life is not a competition and like a Yoruba proverb says, there is enough space in the sky for us all to fly.
If I may, here is what I demand of you, ‘Do and be the best you can be, with what you have, in the situation you are’.

No excuses allowed!


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