You Can Overcome Your Fears and Challenges. Yes, You Can!

Every successful person talks about defeating one big ball that was rolled towards them. In fact, I think as human, one must live to overcome.

So what is fear? Fear is allowing a statement like you are never going to be good enough slide into your thought and heart, to obstruct everything good coming your way simply because you don’t see yourself worthy enough to try. Sometimes, I think when you are mostly afraid about a particular project or one big decision, it is because you are taking a step away from your comfort zone but not too afraid that you remain where you used to be. Fear is not being able to push anything forward because you see yourself as an average man who will never be worthy of anything.

The thing is successful people are afraid the most, even the brilliant students in the classroom are, but they still give it a try because they know life gets tougher as they take a step further into becoming what they wanted to be. See fear as what must happen to get you motivated.

Fear only makes you work harder since you do not want to fall victim of your thoughts when doubts come knocking at your door. The thing is if you allow fear to be the king of your heart, you are never going to become anything good. You will always stay cold and judge all those who took a step simply because you were too petrified to do same. When David in the bible went to defeat Goliath, I know sometime on his way to the battle field, fear must have crept into his heart but he knew much more than to be frightened because he understood his promise; he saw his future already and he knew better off than to settle for fear.

To overcome fear, you must have a vision. A vision is more like a picture of where you want to be in a number of years time. Vision is only motivated by action and action is the product of your success. You must have a destination even if you do not have an exact map of where you are going. But once you know the name of the place, then you can always find your way no matter how long it takes.

Ask yourself “what is my plan towards the future? Where am I going? Why am I working so hard? What is my drive? What am I striving to be?”

If questions like these do not cross your heart, then you are still sleeping. You cannot overcome if you do not have a direction and mostly importantly you cannot overcome if all of your faith is gone. The truth is that faith clears doubt just as much as the picture of where you are going to.

A beautiful story comes from lots of challenges and setbacks. A good story does not come from perfect lives, but from those who felt they were never going to be anything worthy, who thought they were not up to the standard of the society but still put aside their doubt and stopped to feel sorry for themselves and took a step, which would eventually lead them into something great in the future.

So, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that you will never get that scholarship you have been studying for? Or that your WAEC result will never be good? Or that your vision is becoming too weak?

Are you afraid because no one in your family has made it and you think you will just become like them? Are you afraid because someone keeps telling you that you are not good enough? Or is the not good enough thought coming from you per say?

You have to realize that to become anything, first you do not have to always wish or assume, you just have to take a step. Just one step is all it takes. You do not need to have the perfect life to become anything good. All you need to have is a determined heart that has refused give up.

It is hard to see your plan fail, or that your effort seem never to be enough or to see yourself in constant and repeated failure but still keep on trying.

Do not assume that God hates you that is why your life is so hard, He loves you so much, which explains why he has constantly tried you with challenges so you will grow and learn to appreciate everything good you have.

God knows that if he should give you things that easily, you will never learn to appreciate them to the fullest and your story will be like another fairy tale to others. That is why He keeps trying you through fire so you will become a stronger version of yourself and your story will serve as a testimony to others who used to doubt themselves like you once used to.

To overcome challenges, you must learn to trust God. You must believe in him all through the way.

Challenges will knock you off your feet, you may even stop believing at some point, your faith may fail, your doubts might even envelop you into thinking that God is not working at your timing, but don’t stop trying.

It may just seem like little words to you but keep on believing even if you fail. Just keep on believing. Someone else is looking at your life to serve as a motivation to theirs, The truth is that people are looking up to you even if you do not see them.

You can either decide to be an achiever or be the person who never tries anything. Stop saying to yourself that I am not good enough and refuse to allow the words of a displeased mother or guardian sow the seeds of doubt into your heart. Regardless of the mistakes you have made, refused to be tired of trying.

Do not let words like “you are too selfish, you are wicked, you will never become anything good” get to you.

Say to yourself: God is still working on my behalf, I might have a short coming but that is not enough to write me off!

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