The Doorman 

Once upon a time, there lived a wise and righteous King who cared deeply for his people. In order to ensure that his kingdom prospered, he summoned one of his servants and gave him this decree,

“Go and stand in front of the palace. If someone comes and asks to see me, open the door and allowed them in so I may speak with them”

The servant went and did as the king commanded. People came from far and wide to see this king. Some were rich, some were great scholars, and others from noble families. When they asked to see the king, the doorman gave them entry.

Then one day, a poor beggar came to the palace door and asked to see the king. The doorman looked at him allover and frowned.

The beggar’s cloth was dirty and torn, he wore no shoes and was unpleasant to look at.
“Surely my king will not wish to meet with a man like this” the doorman said to himself, and turned the beggar away. Soon, the doorman began turning others away; people he deemed too poor, or too sick, or too strange. When the king discovered what the doorman was doing, he summoned the doorman.

“Why have you been turning people away from the palace?” the king demanded angrily. The doorman was surprised and replied meekly, “My king, I was only performing the duty you gave me.”

“Your duty was to open the door for whoever wants to see me,” said the king, “you’re not to decide if they are worthy or not”.

It’s unfortunate that most of us behave like the doorman in this story. We style ourselves the “watchmen on the wall,” and if we see someone that doesn’t fit our standard or definition of worthy, we slam the door in their face.

We need to open the door to anyone, be it rich or poor through prayer, through friendship and through service. Remember, we are all equal at the door of Christ’s mercy.

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