4 Personal Hygienes you Should Know

Teenhood is a phase you notice certain changes in your body, like hair growths in pubic areas and hormonal changes. Following these changes in body structure, how do you take care of yourself? A healthy lifestyle starts from your personal hygiene- how you brush your teeth, take your bath, and even to the use of drugs.

Here are some tips on how to handle your personal hygiene as a teenager.

1. Take care of your pubic hair

One of the major signs of puberty is growing hair in pubic areas, accompanied with increased sweats. Improper care of the armpits will result in body odour.

  • Shave your armpits frequently.
  • Make use of the deodorants. It makes you smell good.


2. Stay clean during menstruation

Every girl should have a knowledge on how to stay clean while menstruating.

  • Make proper use of a menstrual pad. Medically, the use of tissues or clothes are not advisable, it could cause infections.
  • You need to wash up properly, you should learn to take your bath twice daily at least, and of course change your pad frequently.
  • Since the transition between childhood and teenhood might be difficult to handle, you should learn to tidy up things well. Learn to discard your used pad properly.


3. Avoid wearing an underwear for days

I know this is a full discussion on its own, as people have diverse opinions on how long they should wear an underwear.

  • As a boy, it is not hygienic to wear your underwear for more than a day. It should be a boxer for a day. During the day, you work, sweat, and urinate. What about the drain of urine on your underwear? I know nobody sees this, but you living an hygienic life makes you healthy.
  • As a girl, of course you can’t wear a pant for days, you are not supposed to wear a pant for 24 hours. It is very bad, and unhygienic. A girl discharges at intervals; during ovulation periods you should learn to change your undies at night, when going to bed.


4. Keep healthy and neat nails

This should not be a problem, as we have been taught this since primary school. Yet you see people with long and dirty nails, and some even chew their nails, which is very bad. You can keep long nails, if you love it, except your school or department is against such.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. God can not stay in a dirty place, likewise also humans can’t live in a dirty house. Asides personal hygiene making you healthy, it also stands you out. You’ll most likely avoid that person around you with a body odour.

An extraordinary teenager is an hygienic teenager. Stay healthy.

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