Who Do you Follow on Social Media? 

“Man is a product of influence”

As you read through this article, I need you to ensure this statement keeps ringing in your mind. It is the foundation on which this article is built.

What exactly is social media? As it is now, the term social media has a very broad definition. Before I go into the almost generally accepted definition, I will give examples of some that are familiar to us. Ever heard of Facebook? Even if you have been living under a rock, I trust that you have. What about Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr and the likes?

Yes, you know at least one of them. I mean, you are on the Internet right now. These examples I have given should already create a definition of what social media is, right? Words like communication, people, friends, business, distance, relationships, sharing will be found in your definition now, right? I think I am right again.

According to Wikipedia, “Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.”

If you are on social media or you plan to join soon, I implore you to keep reading.

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Let us go back to the first statement made in this article; man is a product of influence. There is nothing man does that he is not influenced to do. His reaction and response to situations are most times a response to the influence he has allowed. Currently, I am in a university environment where there are some common statements made. Where I am, as a student, you hear the same statement more than twenty times a day from different or the same people. People say it without thinking. We’ve simply just rubbed off on each other in speech.

The saying, ‘Evil communication corrupts good manners’ is one that rings true.

Research has shown that the average teenager around the world spends not less than two hours using social media daily. You in particular know that you spend more than two hours daily. You see, one of the feature of social media is that it is user generated i.e the users are the ones who generate content.  Once you follow a certain person, you cease to control what pops up in your feed. The only decision you have to make is who you follow.

I can rightly guess who you hang out with and follow on social media by how you speak or dress. It happens unconsciously. If 80 percent of the people you follow are those skimpily dressed, trust me, on your next shopping, your hands will reach out for same. If they are those who are involved in immoralities and are not afraid to tell the world, in a short while, those things will seem normal to you. That is the power of influence.

You cannot be nonchalant when picking those you give power over your mind, so, the next time you want to follow someone on Instagram or add up a person on Facebook, be sure you want what the person gives.

Man is a product of influence and the influencing factors when it comes to social media is a choice.

Who do you choose today?

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