Keep your Passion Burning Amidst Life Challenges

When challenges come your way and issues of life try to sway you, that which you’re passionate about should be where you find joy and fulfilment. If all you focus on is how you would impress people, then you’re no longer engaging in your passion out of love. … More Keep your Passion Burning Amidst Life Challenges

3 Practical Ways to Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are unavoidable but how you move on after you’ve made them is what you must understand and instil in you. Making a mistake doesn’t mean you are fool neither does it mean you cannot do a particular thing, it only means there is something you didn’t do right. … More 3 Practical Ways to Learn From Your Mistakes

Trust the Process

In life, there’ll be challenges, there’ll be ups and downs. At a point, things could stop working out, life is not a bed of roses and that’s okay. But then, don’t be weighed down because you really don’t have to. You have to operate in the reality that “Those issues you have are processes”. Processes that are grooming you for the way forward. Processes that are shaping your life into what you’ve always wanted it to be. … More Trust the Process

5 Challenges Successful People Overcome

“Successful people see challenges to embrace and overcome where others see impenetrable barriers”- Travis Bradberry Successful people face challenges the most but not allowing it hold  them down is what makes them a success. Maintaining the mindset of a successful person as beautiful as it may seem is not always easy. Successful people overcome a … More 5 Challenges Successful People Overcome