Trust the Process

Let’s begin by explaining what a process is.

A process is a series of events which produce a result, especially as contrasted to the product. The process differs with respect to various perspective but one ultimate result of it is the “Product”.

Food industries pick up raw or renewable materials, they subject them to a thorough and complete process which makes them available for us to safely consume.

What about crude oil? The processes it goes through before getting finely renewed to the various fuels we use is no short thing. The excavation, the drilling, the cracking, the refining, amidst other processes are hard but important levels it must pass through before it becomes useful to us as humans.

As humans, we have this quest to be made in the twinkle of an eye. There’s this crazy hunger to lay hold of wealth and other good things in a space of short time. This isn’t a shocking phenomenon in a jet age like ours, though disheartening. And it is gradually wrecking havoc in the lives of teenagers and budding adults.

The urge to be successful and great in life is a function of the divine uniqueness God’s infused in our blood stream. Every normal person wants the very best out of life but we always fail to realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

In life, there’ll be challenges, there’ll be ups and downs. At a point, things could stop working out, life is not a bed of roses and that’s okay. But then, don’t be weighed down because you really don’t have to. You have to operate in the reality that “Those issues you have are processes”. Processes that are grooming you for the way forward. Processes that are shaping your life into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Processes are unavoidable prerequisites, they are actually requisite if you must be truly successful. Successful people are made, they are not born.

You grow your way to the top, you work it out, you vest your best and make a good use of your situations. Be built and groomed, be made.

The future is way critical more than we view it to be, this is the reason you need to be processed intensively so you can handle whatever rigour life brings your way.

Unprocessed people are people who cut corners, they walk on slippery paths, they seem to be moving very rapidly but the aftermath of it is an ignominious fall. A fall they can hardly recover from.

So, what are your plans? What’s that thing you want and hasn’t been working out even after countless trials? Does it feel like the breeze of life is blowing against you? Perhaps you’ve issues that give you a great deal of bother so much that you now feel you’re probably a never-do-well. Actually, No! You’re not a never-do-well, you are not going through problems, you are going through a process and all you can do to help yourself is trust the process!

Things will be fine, dear! You’ll be fine too! You’ll see.
Just trust the process and continue doing your best.

See you at the top!

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