Possible Signs of Fear

No one ever bears the name Fear, neither does it have a specific color it’s painted. But we know it is an abstract noun, a feeling, a reaction towards a particular situation. Fear is a dark man, as we get to read about it in stories; artists try to portray an image of something far from being optimistic, full of faith, happy.

We don’t know what fear looks like, neither do we know when it speaks to us, but we do know the expression that looks like it. Nevertheless, there are certain actions we take and statements we utter that might not appear to us as fear but, in the real sense, are.

  • “I don’t think it is possible”

As a teenager, you tend to believe on the word- impossibilities, I know how it feels to come from a home where all your demands are not given to you, yet it is not enough to settle for less. A quick example is this: you wish to become a medical doctor, but looking at the current financial status of your parents, you believe you might not be able to gain admission.

The tongue carries power, the Bible says so, and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. You can not utter a word of impossibilities if do not have your mind on such.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here? Confessions are said with the mouth, you confessed that Christ is Lord over your life with your mouth, but you didn’t just do the confession without having to think about it, your mind ponders on who Christ is and what has he got to offer you, then realizing this, the abundance of faith in your heart pushes good confessions out of your mouth.

  • “I’m scared of taking risks”

A lot of us avoid hard things. I do believe there is nothing hard on earth; your strength determines if a particular task will be hard or easy for you to do. As a teenager, you might ask if they are risks you can take, of course, life is about taking risks.

A quick example is participating in an essay writing competition for secondary students, after registering with just #500. Paying the money was a risk you took; you don’t know if you’d win the competition, and if otherwise, you will lose the money you registered with. You definitely had other things to use the money for.  If you are afraid of taking risk, it is a sign of fear.

  • “I can’t”

it shows negativity, even if everyone believes you can, you still choose to say you can’t. While I was in secondary school, there were certain things you would never see me do, I did not participate in any social activities, I don’t know if am a good dancer, but I could dance when alone or perhaps in church, that’s if I feel like.

There was a time my class was forced to sing during a party, and my music teacher asked me to lead the song, I was scared, I told her I can’t, gave excuse of bad voice, all I believed then was I didn’t like music, dancing or acting drama.

The truth was I had a phobia for crowd, I couldn’t even sing in front of my classmates, let alone the whole school, parents, and teachers. I assumed it was my personality, and had nothing to do with fear. It took me few years to overcome such phobia.

There are many more actions we take, that we simply term to be our normal nature. You can’t take a solo in church because you might cry when others stare at you, yet you don’t believe it is called fear.

Fear has no other name. It could be termed as limiting yourself, not letting go of the past, and you keep sinning because of fear. Have you ever done something really bad, perhaps picked mummy’s money without her permission to buy something not valuable? And she asks you unexpectedly, and knowing she would be angry and could punish you, you decided to cover up because you feared her?

Fear is anything outside faith, it is the absent of peace, love of Christ, you are scared of the unknown in your future when the Bible says “in him we live and have our being”.

One secret to overcoming fear as a teenager is Christ.

How possible is that? You believe that he is the son of God, and all power belongs to him, accept him and confess him as Lord, and it’s that simple.

The presence of faith is the absence of fear, why? Because Christ has answers to all your questions.

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