5 Essential Tips to Face Fear and Live a Bold Life

It is inevitable that at one time or the other, every individual must have gotten to a point of being overwhelmed. It might be towards any sphere of life or perhaps life itself!

It’s okay to be afraid. God created in us a seat of emotions but verily, you cannot be scared of things lesser than you. Even God has given you authority over them.

Yes, anything that instills fear in you is capable of being put under control. It is a weed you can uproot, a bridge you can burn.

Fear as it seems is just False Experiences Appearing Real! It is a delusion, it doesn’t exist; all the voices you hear putting you down is not real. There are no enormous mountains anywhere, it’s all a facade.

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Here are a few tips to help you overcome fear:

1. Know your fears

Whatever seems tacky and you don’t want to attempt delving into them, know them and in fact, speak to them. It goes a long way when you know what you are scared of, it is said that “it is only the unknown that can kill”.

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2. Kill your fear

Indeed, you need to uproot that fear. If it is a voice, shut it up. Kill them that they never arise in you, let them be bygones.

3. Stay positive

Statistics show that whatever you fixate on, you become like it. If you spend time dwelling on your fears, you tend to look like it- empty. So, no matter the storms, acknowledge that it will blow off and peace will set upon you.

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4. Make moves

Your fears can’t move but you can and that’s a leverage against it. If an extra effort is needed in combating your fears, be willing. If it would involve sacrificing, a few won’t kill. Put all things in place and leave no table upturned .

5. Seek help

There is no superman or superwoman; everyone has something that they are not so good at. If it is academics, look for people who know it better; if it’s stage fright, learn to move with people who speak publicly, connect to a source that can walk you through the tunnel.

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Your fears today will not last forever. So, make a move, eliminate it. There are greater strides ahead, a false appearance shouldn’t keep you bounded to a spot.

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