Living in a world of fantasy
Imagining life to be rosy
Setting goals to be achieved
Aspirations and thoughts

Thinking life to be fair
Straight and loyal
It suddenly hits me

Why me?

Failure is certainly not for people like me
I have never failed
I never imagined failing
It whispers slowly to me

I can decide to be like that
I can decide to be unfair
I can decide to be cruel
I can decide whatever I wish

However, I heard another voice

Of course, that is how it is
But then what do you want?
What would you do?
Become depressed?
Commit suicide?

Take your stand and fight
Brace up as a winner
Take life head on
When it throws stones of discouragement
Turn it to stepping stones

Life is not full of success
We fail, we lose, we fall
But our disposition determines our fate

Quitters focus on winners
Winners don’t quit

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