Planning 2018

It’s almost the end of the year 2017. How can you rate the year on a scale of 1 – 10? A lot of people have seen little or no changes at all in their position to where they wished or prayed they were.

An average human prays and hopes for a better future but only a few work towards it and only little achieve or get it.

There is a place of prayer and there is a place of planning.

It is good to pray for a better tomorrow but it’s useless to pray if you won’t plan, because none can take the place of the other.

Even Jesus, in Luke 14:28, talked about the need for a man to count his cost before building a house.

Most people’s hope of a better life this year have been dashed and aborted because of failure in the place of planning.

The year is almost over but you can plan 2018 to meet up the things you couldn’t this year.

Praying is important in the new year, but if you fail to plan ahead, your prayers may not be effective.

Planning 2018 is as important as making resolutions.

Start out with what you have always wanted to do, and make plans on meeting them.
Don’t make enormous goals, rather aim to achieve the smaller ones first in succession, just like an hymn which says “each victory will help you some other to win”.

There is a time to plan your 2018 and that time is now. Plan now!

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