4 Things That Affect Teens Preparation For the Future

While we talk about how much we need to prepare for the future as teenagers, a lot of things can hinder certain plans from actualizing. Some of which includes:

1. Background

A lot of teenagers out there tend to live based on what their background says. That you have a rich background doesn’t guarantee a 100% bright future, neither does being from a poor or less-privileged home means you have nothing great to look forward to in the future. Continuity or constancy is not common in life, so you can’t possibly assume that the state of your background is something strong enough to rely on.

It is important that you choose what exactly you want in life, and not live by what your background says. Don’t make your poor background a reason to not prepare for a brighter future. You become what you work towards, and your background shouldn’t determine that. Live out the life God has destined for you.

2. Mindset

Your view about life is very important in preparing for the future. Your state of mind about your life and future is essential.

Have a godly mindset towards your future. Some people think about their future in a way that leaves you convinced that they don’t expect anything good in life. Think positively! It’s a matter of choice.

3. Peer influence

What your friends say about you or your future is not what you are, except you want to fit into it willingly. Negative peer influence can make you think you have no future. It won’t even make you think at all, because you’d always see yourselves as the same person with no positive future to look forward to.

The people you move around with matters a lot. Learn to walk with those in line with your future; those who will help you discover and fulfill purpose and not just be a total waste of time and space in your life.

4. Parental influence

No matter who/what your  parents are, always remember you have your life to live and you won’t be with them forever. Some parents hinder their children from taking important steps on the course of life, just because they feel it’s of no use since they are with them but they regret some of these decisions later.

Like a friend would always tell me, ‘Vic, work on your freedom’. He does not mean I should disobey my parents but I must strive to grow and work on myself and not be restricted at all times, even if I have to tell my parents about my plans in a careful and wise manner.

Plan your life prayerfully and purposefully and actualize it. Remember you’re not too young!

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