Writing Prompt: Write About a Time When You Made a Sacrifice for Someone Else

We kicked off with our writing prompts on Tuesday on our Instagram page. It’s set to run from Tuesdays to Fridays weekly and entries will be compiled and published on our site by the end of the week.

writing prompt

For this week, our writing prompt is on making sacrifice for someone else. 

Have you ever made a sacrifice for someone else? How huge was it and how did it eventually turn out?

Let’s rub minds.

@precious_daprenita – There was a time I had little in my bank account, as little as the least you can withdraw in a GTB. That was all I had, zero in purse and the little in the account.

Then a friend needed money urgently. I couldn’t say I didn’t have it, it was a painful sacrifice, so I gave it out.

Later the person said he would refund it. I was not in support but he insisted, so I agreed. By the time he would send it, I needed it much more than before.

If I had spent the money then, I might be hopeless but because I sacrificed it, it was as good as keeping it.
Making sacrifices is good, you can never be stranded


@naija_cakehouse – Hmmmm…..Making sacrifices has become a part of my goal in Life. Sometimes small and other times huge ones. I’ve had countless of them but I’ll mention a few.

I remember the day I had the last #100 on me and that was all for the month. I saw a man begging and my heart got troubled. And I said to myself, this man has no one to depend on but I could still cajole my parents to give me something.

I had to give him and was on nothing for days. A miracle happened afterwards that made me forget that I even gave out my last to someone in need.

There were huge ones like taking out of my Hostel fee to put smile on people’s face. I get fulfilled in the long run. And God refunds me back! You can also make a sacrifice today and make someone happy.


@oluwatomiey –  Seeing her in need made my heart cry so loud, wondering how I could be of help with the N500 left on me to feed myself.

Notwithstanding the hunger, the pain in her eyes made me give her the money to feed with. Giving it to her made her face glow with smile and it made my giving worthwhile. Sacrificing my money to feed her was a sacrifice I don’t regret.

@doyinsola_oni – I was writing my final examination- WAEC back then in secondary school. I can remember vividly I had a friend then that couldn’t afford to pay for his examination and he had no parents to cater for him either.

I thought about what I could do to be of help. I requested for my feeding fee at home and my parents sent the exact amount of money we used for the registration. I sat down to think and I realized God was involved.

So I had to give it out to my friend to pay for his examination.
It was the greatest sacrifice I’ve ever done and I’ve been reaping what I sowed in unexpected ways.

@whumee_ – I took a last glance at my favourite red gown and gave it to her, cos she needed it more than I did. She had less and I had more, I could not help but put a smile on my face as she gave me a tight hug saying ‘you are the sister I never had’.
Even if I had to sacrifice my love for the gown and the colour (my favourite colour though) for her smile.


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