Writing Prompt: Write About a Time When You Made a Sacrifice for Someone Else

We kicked off with our writing prompts on Tuesday on our Instagram page. It’s set to run from Tuesdays to Fridays weekly and entries will be compiled and published on our site by the end of the week.

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For this week, our writing prompt is on making sacrifice for someone else. 

Have you ever made a sacrifice for someone else? How huge was it and how did it eventually turn out?

Let’s rub minds.

@precious_daprenita – There was a time I had little in my bank account, as little as the least you can withdraw in a GTB. That was all I had, zero in purse and the little in the account.

Then a friend needed money urgently. I couldn’t say I didn’t have it, it was a painful sacrifice, so I gave it out.

Later the person said he would refund it. I was not in support but he insisted, so I agreed. By the time he would send it, I needed it much more than before.

If I had spent the money then, I might be hopeless but because I sacrificed it, it was as good as keeping it.
Making sacrifices is good, you can never be stranded


@naija_cakehouse – Hmmmm…..Making sacrifices has become a part of my goal in Life. Sometimes small and other times huge ones. I’ve had countless of them but I’ll mention a few.

I remember the day I had the last #100 on me and that was all for the month. I saw a man begging and my heart got troubled. And I said to myself, this man has no one to depend on but I could still cajole my parents to give me something.

I had to give him and was on nothing for days. A miracle happened afterwards that made me forget that I even gave out my last to someone in need.

There were huge ones like taking out of my Hostel fee to put smile on people’s face. I get fulfilled in the long run. And God refunds me back! You can also make a sacrifice today and make someone happy.


@oluwatomiey –  Seeing her in need made my heart cry so loud, wondering how I could be of help with the N500 left on me to feed myself.

Notwithstanding the hunger, the pain in her eyes made me give her the money to feed with. Giving it to her made her face glow with smile and it made my giving worthwhile. Sacrificing my money to feed her was a sacrifice I don’t regret.

@doyinsola_oni – I was writing my final examination- WAEC back then in secondary school. I can remember vividly I had a friend then that couldn’t afford to pay for his examination and he had no parents to cater for him either.

I thought about what I could do to be of help. I requested for my feeding fee at home and my parents sent the exact amount of money we used for the registration. I sat down to think and I realized God was involved.

So I had to give it out to my friend to pay for his examination.
It was the greatest sacrifice I’ve ever done and I’ve been reaping what I sowed in unexpected ways.

@whumee_ – I took a last glance at my favourite red gown and gave it to her, cos she needed it more than I did. She had less and I had more, I could not help but put a smile on my face as she gave me a tight hug saying ‘you are the sister I never had’.
Even if I had to sacrifice my love for the gown and the colour (my favourite colour though) for her smile.


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2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Write About a Time When You Made a Sacrifice for Someone Else

  1. Sacrificing is like an hobby. I derive joy not because I’m trying to please the recipient but because none of my sacrifices can be compared to Christ amazing sacrifice.

    I had waited so long on the queue with no sight of buses, just when I was about to think of going back to school, his call came in..Hey babe, where you at?, I happily replied since he was going my way..I’m on the queue at X location, he softly said, let me pick you so we could go home together. I was grateful, I had really missed home and was so lean that I wanted nothing else but comfort in the bosom of my parent..Dad and Mum called just as I was happily thinking of the chat I had missed, I was on my way I answered their question of where I was, I’d be home in an hour I quickly added.

    He showed up as promised in a bat of an eyelid, we zoomed off but then something happened..The car broke down at Maryland, I was jittery, jumpy, nervy, It was 8.32, we had to sought for a way out but God was quick to bring help our way, they helped in fixing our battery and we were good to go.
    We zoomed off with a deep breathe of relief, but not again, it broke down at Ojota, I was in a state of dilemma of continuing my journey or staying back with him, he was a novice in the area, I was brought up in the hood and knew my way around, I had quickly hurry down to streets to get help from mechanic or even a rewirer not knowing what was wrong with the car.
    On my return, the street guyz were about to obtain my friend, I had to quickly use the power of a lady plus the Grace of God on me , I spoke with them in my babyish voice that we had nothing on us and even we are stuck..They took pity on us and freed us, the rewirer guy came, moved the car to the closest filing station cause leaving it in the middle of the road was a risky game to play.
    It was past 10 when we finished the car, we got held up in traffic, I messaged mum and dad that I was still on my way home, pretending I didn’t see their calls cause I couldn’t explain the ordeal.
    Finally, the car was fit, even that one is a long story…we got to the turning to my house at past 11, just then, popcee called and said he has locked the gate of his house and my entry to the house was ban at least for that night..It was indeed a tough one, we were both sad about it..I didn’t blame my parent but still I was angry at them for not even wanting to hear me out. He offered that I go home with him since his parents ‘knew’ about me but I declined the offer and told him to drop me off at church, we got to my church but it was locked, no vigil, no rehearsal..I was so sad, was I stupid, I was really angry at myself, blamed myself for caring that much, I could have left him at Ojota to sort himself but I couldn’t. We took a turn, murmured words of prayer that a church would just be opened. Alas, we got one very far from my house but preferable to going to his house..
    I didn’t sleep at my house, I forfeited the long waiting arm of my parent for a friend, I missed the meal I wanted to eat..
    It was indeed a sacrifices time, I was preoccupied by the thought of all of this when the car came to a halt in front of RCCG, Location Y a viewing centre for HolyGhostCongress at 11.36pm, he expressed his appreciation while I struggled with my tired self having to pray all the night.
    It was Indeed one of the biggest sacrifice amidst others..

    N:B…the friend in this experience is not even a close friend, he is just a good friend, we had no string attached…
    I got back home the following day, explained the ordeal and shared my thought of how they put me at risk the night before but they so trusted that the church was obviously gonna be my hideout since I am a church girl…
    All thanks to God for saving me with a church and making a way for us during the Ojota experience. I promised myself not to go as much as that again just in case I might not be so lucky…

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    1. Wow! This is huge. Anything could have happened, but thankfully you came out unscathed. Like you’ve mentioned, it’s important to be careful even as we sacrifice. Thank you for sharing!


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