Writing Prompt: Do You Act Differently Online Than in Real Life?

Last week, it was about making sacrifices. This time, it’s about the online and real life world.

Do you act differently online than in real life?

We’re in the ‘social media age’ and it’s quite easy for anyone to fake it. Asides faking it, some tend to be loud on the media but in reality, are introverts who would do anything to be alone.

Are you a lion online but a mouse in real life? Or is it vice versa?

Do you act differently online than in real life? Let’s see what some have to say




  • @oluwatobi_greatI’m always myself whether online or offline. I comment on posts that appeal to me same as joining a conversation in real life.



There used to be a wide gap between my online life and offline life.
No, I wasn’t faking it😂. I was just a very deep introvert who liked to be on her own. I’m still an introvert anyway, but not as ‘deep’ as before.
My ‘loudness’ began from the media years back. I was very active and loud on the media but was the opposite in reality- calm, quiet… I kept saying it then that some (online) might end up disappointed when they eventually meet me and I’m just mute 💁

Because of this, I deliberately refused to have anyone who knows me and sees me consistently in reality on my Facebook list. I felt they’d think I was pretending to be calm when I’m not (meanwhile I’m actually calm😐). I felt they’d ‘know more of me’ and I didn’t want that. My life used to be almost 100% secretive, both online and offline. Two different worlds😂

Then, I had just my family and old mates (that I don’t see anymore) on my list; definitely not the ones I’d wake up to see every time. It wasn’t until recently that I started accepting their requests when they come in. I just felt ‘well, whatever’ 😂

Now, there’s still a gap between my online and offline life, but it’s a thin one that is needed. Although I still think I’m louder on the media than in real life, I can’t underestimate the massive change this year. Whoop! 💃

There are many things about me in reality that a lot of people on the media don’t know. There are also other things I do online that some people around me don’t know (for example, I think I’m more hilarious online 😂).

This is just me 😏 (Your turn now😉. Check @teensmeetonline for details).

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