What Will You Be Remembered For?

This may sound like life after death, what will people remember about you? When you leave a particular place, what will your name be attached to? Will it be attached to something good or bad?

Different people come into our lives for different reasons. When a person has fulfilled his/her purpose of coming to your life, he leaves or cut the relationship, even without any disagreement.

When you meet a person and after interacting with him/her for some time, there may be cause for both of you to part ways. This may be due to change of location or loss of contact. Anytime the person remembers you, what will he/she think about you.

The people you are opportune to meet, make sure you don’t leave them the same way you met them. Be sure to add godly values to them so that anytime they have cause to reflect on their lives, your impact on them won’t be left out.

If you’re still a student, what will your teachers remember you for when you eventually leave?

Think about it.

Be sure to leave prints on heart!

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