A Fresh Start?


I know it is the 3rd of January in the year 2018. I am aware that the day is actually far spent and slowly, the year seems to be moving by. I hope it is still safe to wish you a happy New Year.

This is my way of welcoming you into the new year!

Quite a lot of people have different sentiments attached to the beginning of a new year. I know most people that go into the new year with new hairstyles, new clothes and sometimes with a new mentality. In a bid to keep up with the newness that they so desperately want to live out in the new year, they set “resolutions”.

I have been down that road countless times scribbling on pieces of papers with the intentions of keeping up with my resolutions but guess what? My resolutions keep leaving me behind even before the end of the first month of the new year. No, I have no plans to bash those who make new year resolutions. If it is something that works for you, then trust me you are doing great.

But, if you are like me that no matter how many resolutions you make and how many “so help me God” you profess, you still find it difficult to keep up, then I have just ONE thing to tell you


See, we have all established that the beginning of a new year signifies a new slate. It opens an opportunity to have another set of 365 days to do great things. Instead of setting unrealistic resolutions because it is the new year, why don’t you strive to do better?!

If you have a mindset to scale greater heights this new year, then do not hesitate to DO BETTER!

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