A Letter to Abba II

Dear God,

This is an informal-formal, one-in-between sort of letter. Why? Because you are God, making it formal; my father, bringing the informal aspect in. But then, I would not call it a semi-formal letter.

This is my first “official” written letter to you and I hope to express myself in the best way I can. I want to, first of all, express my gratitude for the beautiful things you have done for me, the first being giving me salvation. I am really thankful for Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection and the life it gave me. I want to thank you also for my family, for giving me food to eat, for clothes I wear, the amazing friends in my life, the love you shed abroad in my heart through the Holy Spirit and for all the wonderful things that have happened this year.

Speaking of 2018, I remember I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulder beginning this year and to say I performed excellently in them all would be a LIE. No, I did not. However, I am extremely grateful for the feats I overcame, the new friends I made, the virtues I acquired, the terrible habits I shed, and the fragrance I got.

Lord, 2019 is almost here and even though I can’t figure it all out yet, I know you hold the new year in your palm and so, I have no fear.

Abba, for this new year, I have some requests to make.

One, I want to have a better relationship with you, and I mean a FIERCE relationship. I want to love you more, I want to worship you better, I want to be more obedient and yielding.

I want to hear from you than ever before, I want to be intimate with the Spirit and I want you to keep me. Mine, like I want to call you here, please hold my hands, I can’t say I would hold yours, because life turbulent storms may cause me to let go of your hands in fear. But I know that if you hold mine, you would never let go.

Father, this new year, I want to make greater impacts, I want to touch lives, I want to be a blessing to everyone that crosses my part, my family, neighbours, friends, church members, that little girl down my street, that tout at the bus stop. I want my life to exude your grace and fragrance. I trust you to use me for your glory.

I also want to make new and amazing friends this new year, keep old ones dear, have impacting conversations, improve my skills, acquire new skills and just get better.

Abba, I want to be more consistent in all I do this year, I want to be really committed and dedicated, persistent and hardworking. So help me, YOU.

I still have a lot to say, but I would be dropping my pen now, until my next write. I love you, Abba and I know you love me more

From the girl you brought out from the miry clay.

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