TMO is 4, Registered, and Here to Stay

It’s been four beautiful years of growth and progress. What started as a little dream has grown into something I am forever grateful for and there’s still more to come.

God randomly said “Teens Meet” to me on the 2nd of April 2016. I was walking down the stairs after morning prayers in church and my response, without thinking, was “Teens Meet What?”.

First, I was confused because I had no idea what that was or what it was going to be. But for the next 10 minutes after that, it started taking form, as he broke it down.

There’s a back story before and after that and I hope to tell it in full, someday soon.

I got home that day, picked up a jotter and started writing and connecting the dots. I wrote a lot that made me wonder how I got all of that within 10 minutes.

Nothing made sense at the time, I promise. Not the plans in my head or the 5 to 10 years blurry vision I had just gotten nor the empty purse on my desk or why I was about to move from being a girl that was simply minding her business to someone about to kick-start a public project (which was unlike me). None of it made sense. The only thing I could possibly hold on to was that it was God’s idea, not mine.

The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.

1 Thess 5:24

Over the last four years, I have watched things unfold in the most exciting way. I have had déjà vu moments that I could trace back to that 10 minutes conversation with God. I have seen TMO in hopeless situations and a minute away from breaking apart when help suddenly shows up from the least expected places.

Leading TMO has stretched me; it has tested my faith and pulled me so hard that I want to break. It has taught me lifetime lessons that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It has drawn me close to the ground and taught me the connection between Leadership and Service.

Biennial Offline General Meeting, 2019.

It has brought me a sense of fulfillment. It has connected me to amazing people across the globe that I will always be thankful for. It has brought me friends, sisters, brothers, great minds that I sometimes wonder “what if there was never a TMO?”.

What If?

I ask this question more often than I should and every time I do, I am broken again and super grateful that TMO exists. This is because I have seen the results of its existence that I can’t imagine the possibility of it not existing.

I have seen teenagers go out of their way to do and be more. I have seen students from the schools we’ve visited sincerely appreciate our existence. I have seen smiles lit up in homes from our community outreaches. I have had people hold my hands to say “Thank you for TMO”.

I have watched TMO Army evolve and I get messages from some of them constantly appreciating the gift of TMO. I have connected with so many people, especially our volunteers, who make me laugh so hard and stay sane in the midst of chaos; who remind me of why TMO is meant to stay.

I have also watched myself evolve and blossom into a version I don’t think I would have if TMO never existed.

Some of our achievements in the last 4 years.

The thought of its possible non-existence seems vague. I’m forever glad TMO exists.

TMO is Registered!

TMO is now a registered NGO with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria!

I remember getting this message (not in those exact words, of course) and almost bursting into tears. My heart was so full because this is kinda a big deal for us. I almost dismissed it one day with a voice in my head saying “well, it’s no biggie. You should have done this since”. But shush. Not today, satan.

It’s been quite a journey but here we are. Registered. Recognized. Here to Stay.

New Name, who dis?

In the last few months, we’ve adjusted our online profiles to get everyone accustomed to our new name and mission. Did you notice? Tell me!

Name: Teens Meet Online Outreach (TMO)
Mission: a community of teenagers and young adults committed to carrying out the Sustainable Development Goals. (primary focus on SDGs 1, 4, and 5).

TMO Volunteers talking about TMO.

In case you’re about to ask me that default question, let me address it below.

What happens to “Teens Meet Online” now?

Well, it still exists. It’s still our name but will remain a subset of Teens Meet Outreach– the mother name. There are certain things you might find us doing with the name “Teens Meet Online” especially for our online activities. The same way we have “Teens Meet to Worship” as a subset. Do you get?

Life After 4 Years

There is so much more to expect. We are still excitedly scratching the surface while we unveil everything we are yet to. I’m also curious to know and see how far God is taking us. All these turns and twists must be leading somewhere. You and I will witness it. The generations after us will witness it too.

There’s no stopping; no looking back; no giving up. I have the entire TMO Army right here with me being a force and pushing to ensure we are always on the move. It gets better.

TMO Army

Today, the 10th of June 2020, TMO turns 4!

4 years of God’s faithfulness.
4 years of a relentless team.
4 years of connecting with more teenagers and young adults around the world, without location being a barrier.
4 years of evolving.
4 years of connecting the dots to make it make sense.
4 years of growth.
4 years of everything beautiful.
4 years of you sticking with us.

Thank you!

If you have ever supported us in one way or the other through these years, thank you! I appreciate your kindness.

There’s so much more to do, which means we will always need more. And remember, there’s no stopping.

You can donate towards our work by clicking on the button below.

Join the anniversary conversation on any of our social platforms with #TMOis4. Let’s celebrate this together! Kindly share this post too to get it to reach a wider audience.

Cheers to many more years ahead!


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